Monday, May 08, 2006

Star Gets It Right On Sex Offender Ordinance

Echoing AI's sentiment on the Melina Kennedy-Mary Moriarty Adams sex offender ordinance before the Indianapolis city-county council, the Star's editorial writers conclude today that the council "should stop tinkering with a futile political approach to protecting children." Hitting the nail on the head, the editorial reads, in part:

Hardly anybody can be against keeping sexual predators away from parks and playgrounds, and nobody is more aware of that fact than candidates for election.

What the latest effort to fix the city's proposed sex-offender ordinance does, however, is undermine the very thesis that such feel-good legislation is necessary.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, who is in a dead heat with Democratic opponent Melina Kennedy when it comes to indignation toward child molesters, has asked the City-County Council to amend the measure to avoid the trap of double jeopardy.

Translation: There's already a law.

This is AI's point exactly. Why do we need this ordinance other than to provide another press release for politicians?

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