Tuesday, May 30, 2006

3-Man Race for Senate President Pro Tem?

Matt Tully chats it up with Sen. Tom Weatherwax (R-Logansport) who tells him that it's going to be a 3-man race for Senate President Pro Tem between him, Sen. David Long (R-Ft. Wayne) and Sen. Brent Steele (R-Bedford). Weatherwax sees himself as the "consensus" candidate, and he takes a swipe at Long and Steele for jumping into the race too soon. Tully writes at his blog, "While many consider Long the front-runner for the job, Weatherwax said he was 'disappointed' that Long and Steele began campaigning soon after Garton's defeat."

Weatherwax seems to have a 2-pronged strategy according to Tully. Promise younger senators more authority and promise conservatives he won't block any anti-abortion legislation. He is also promising to end the life-time health insurance perk for senators. Weatherwax is a nice guy, but AI doubts he's the man Senate Republicans will turn to as an alternative to Steele or Long.

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