Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Competition For Local Cable TV Providers

Finally, local cable TV providers, Bright House Communications and Comcast, will see some real competition. The Star is reporting that AT&T will announce a roll-out of an Internet-based TV service at the Indiana State Museum's IMAX Theater tomorrow, where it will demonstrate its IPTV service. The service will be launched in the fall under the brand name AT&T U-Verse.

The competition is made possible by the Indiana General Assembly's decision this year to deregulate the telecommunications industry in an effort to promote competition and innovation. Hopefully, AT&T's entry into the market will force down the outrageously high prices being charged to local customers by Comcast and Bright House and will lead to better service.


Anonymous said...

not so great for those of us with less than 28k dialup speed and no options for dsl or cable.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Anonymous--hopefully the rates will come down enough that it will be standard fare for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I hope that we will be able to pick the channels that we want. I would LOVE to be able to drop all of the religious stations.