Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rudy Clay's B-Western Movie

The Chicago Sun-Times' Michael Sneed is having more fun with Gary Mayor Rudy Clay and his travelling security detail, suggesting it's right out of a B-movie script. Sneed let's us in on a new website that's offering apparel with the acronym "G.E.A.R." (Garyites Embarrassed About Rudy) emblazoned on it. Sneed's item today:

Is it a B-movie script?

Sneed hears Gary's new Mayor Rudy Clay, who has been tweaked for hiring an around-the-clock, two-man security detail and using a Hummer as a security car on the taxpayers' dime, is getting thwacked again.

*To wit: A group called GEAR, which stands for "Garyites Embarrassed About Rudy," is selling everything from teddy bears to underwear emblazoned with the group's name.

*Nitwit? All their products are printed left of center, "because we think Rudy is a little off-center, and we think he should be flushed!" according to the group's Web site,

*Detail on the detail: Clay's so-called "world-class" security team is made up of James Matlock, reportedly known as "The General," and Jesse L. McCoy, who sports a cowboy hat and vest pinned with a badge.

*Stay tuned for the next episode right outta Dodge City.

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