Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Abdul Says Bradford's Out-So Who's In?

Radio talk show host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz gets the scoop on the controversial and anti-gay bigoted city-county councilor Jim Bradford. Abdul reports this morning that Bradford has accepted a job with the Daniels' administration, and that he will be resigning his council position, as well as withdrawing his bid to become Washington Township Trustee. Republican committeemen in Bradford's district will select his replacement. So who might that be?

As far-fetched as it may seem to some, look for a prominent gay GOP committeeman in Bradford's district to seek his seat. This district is fairly diverse, although you wouldn't know that based upon Bradford's views. The person I have in mind is a very credible candidate and could help improve the Marion Co. GOP's badly damaged image in the wake of its steadfast opposition to the HRO and police merger this past year, among other things. If Marion Co. Chairman Mike Murphy is truly interested in re-building the party, he would do all he could to help this individual be selected to replace Bradford.

Bradford would not be happy with this choice at all and would probably be inclined to block this person's candidacy. But because he's going to be working for the Governor and the Governor has an express policy prohibiting discrimination against persons based on their sexual orientation, Bradford would just have to lump it. Having said that, AI is a little troubled that the Governor would ask Bradford to be a part of his administration. It really doesn't send the message of inclusion he has professed since taking office. The speculation, according to TDW, is that Bradford will take a vice-chair position at the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission. Bradford's father built a legal career helping people with their alcohol permits in Marion Co.

UPDATE: Apparently Bradford has applied for the job as vice-chairman of the Commission, but he has not been officially appointed by Gov. Daniels. It may be a little premature to celebrate his departure from the council. This seems a little odd that an announcement about his application for the job would become public. Typically you don't hear anything until the person is appointed.

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