Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bush To Renew Gay Bashing Efforts

Faced with a 29% national approval rating, President Bush will invoke bigotry against gays as a means of gaining traction for his failing presidency. According to The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes, Bush will hold a Rose Garden press conference on June 5 as the Senate begins debate on the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA) to reiterate his support for the anti-gay bigoted amendment. The Human Rights Campaign reacted angrily to Bush's decision today:

“It’s a national disgrace that President Bush has yet again bowed to the far-right extremists. Instead of addressing the real challenges facing American families — from record-high gas prices, bankrupting health care costs and an endless and costly war in Iraq — the president will further divide this country and put the far-right extremists’ interests ahead of the American people’s well-being,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese . . .

Solmonese continued, “Rose Garden addresses have historically been reserved for occasions of unity and justice. Unfortunately, President Bush will break with history and use the Rose Garden as a backdrop to promote discrimination against a group of Americans. The president should stop playing politics with our Constitution and use his speech as an opportunity to lay out an agenda to fix what’s really wrong in

Bush's decision to speak out on an amendment that is already doomed to failure in the Senate just to please right-wing extremists demonstrates just how weak of a president he has become. Even First Lady Laura Bush recently expressed her personal disapproval with the FMA. Bush is no doubt following the advice of his gay-baiting political guru, Karl Rove, who is about the only Republican operative in Washington who doesn't think this year's elections are going to be disastrous for the Republican Party. He's living in a fantasy world if he thinks voters are going to let a phony issue like gay marriage get in the way of expressing their disapproval with the state of affairs in Washington.

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