Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mexico Sets Up Separate Entry Lines For Americans Crossing Border, Starts Charging Them Tolls

While hundreds of thousands of Mexicans and persons of other foreign nationalities gain easy access to the United States by illegally crossing the border with Mexico each year, Mexico has decided to impose additional hurdles on Americans and other foreign nationalities entering its country along the U.S. border.

Beginning yesterday, Mexican officials began herding Americans and other foreign nationals entering the country at the San Ysidro crossing to enter Tijuana from San Diego into separate lines from its own citizens and making them fill out paperwork and paying $20 tolls for 6-month border crossing permits. The country plans to impose similar requirements at other crossing points along the border with the U.S.

Mexico has decided its time to put its own house in order and take steps to prevent American criminals from entering their country to escape prosecution in the United States--a rejoinder of sorts to GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump's claim that Mexican officials are sending their worst criminals to the U.S. Business owners in Tijuana who depend on easy access for Americans to their country are not happy about the move. They fear longer lines and wait times to enter the country will harm the business they rely upon from American visitors.


Josh said...

Lol! Also, Mehico has some strict immigration laws, and I'd wager a Mehican prison is far less savory than a US prison.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with that. I believe the vacations in Cancun may stop selling.

Now, does NAFTA allow this toll?

Second, if that toll is allowed, how about we institute a proper toll and a bond requirement for every Mexican national who crosses into the USA? Imagine a $1 million bond requirement to be sure they return to Mexico as required!

The money from forfeited bonds would build that wall we need on the border. Of course, I cannot imagine any bonding company that would put up a bond for that.