Thursday, August 06, 2015

Fox News Debate Panel Came Out With Guns Blazing At Trump

I'm not supporting Donald Trump's candidacy, although I sympathize with some of the blunt things he says about the issues of the day the other presidential candidates, both Democrat and Republican, are too timid to speak about. What I don't like is the blatant manner in which the media tries to shape our way of viewing a particular candidate. That was on full display during the first Republican presidential debate in Cleveland tonight hosted by Fox News, as illustrated in the video clip above when Trump was asked about his supposed war on women asked by Megyn Kelly or Chris Wallace's question on illegal immigration shown at the bottom of this post.

The Fox News debate panel of moderators, Wallace, Kelly and Bret Baier, are all pro-establishment Republican in their political leanings. They clearly had their marching orders from Roger Ailes, and those orders were to take down Donald Trump. The questions they asked of Trump were loaded and crafted to elicit a negative view of Trump by the viewing audience. I thought Trump handled the obviously biased questions asked of him well under the circumstances, and he put the panelists in their place to the cheers of those who could see right through the moderators.

Roger Ailes and Karl Rove, who support the coronation of another President Bush, had the entire event scripted, right down to the faux Republican focus group following the debate moderated by Frank Lutz, who has been openly grinding an axe against Trump's candidacy. His scripted message with his focus group was that Trump's support had collapsed among the focus group during the debate because they were so turned off by him. Not surprisingly, their talking points aped those repeatedly spewed by Karl Rove over the past couple of months.

Jeb Bush's performance could not have been more lackluster and uninspiring. If any candidate shined above expectation tonight it was probably Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who was buoyed by the hometown advantage of the debate's venue. I've been a fan of Sen. Rand Paul, but I was totally disappointed in his performance tonight. He was totally off his game, and Trump was spot-on when he noted that after Paul tried to pounce on Trump's past support of a single-payer health care system. Walker, Rubio, Huckabee and Christie were pretty flat, even if they acquitted themselves as well as they could. Ted Cruz had his moments, but between his raspy voice and droopy, Brent Musburger-like eyebrows, he's just grating on the nerves. Dr. Ben Carson is a nice guy, but it's insulting that he was given a spot on that stage tonight when you consider the number of more serious candidates relegated to the second-tier debate where he belonged instead.


Anonymous said...

The Republican establishment is at war with Trump, so it will make it that much easier to support Trump against the Republican establishment in the primary or in Trump's third-party run.

Anonymous said...

Where are the condemnations, the complaints, and the breast pounding from the sanctimonious PC and Republican lite crowds condemning boob Jeb Bush for publicly slurring Donald Trump as "an asshole"? Oh, wait...some are more equal than others for the PC goon squads.

Trump is not my fave candidate but he attracts attention because on many issues he puts to words what everyday legal Americans sense about the direction of the Country and the entrenched political class. It's called speaking the truth. That's what real leaders do.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jeb was asked about calling Trump a "clown" and a "buffoon" and another word that couldn't be repeated on live TV. He denied calling Trump those names.

Anonymous said...

The nasty comments from Jeb "Baby Huey" Bush may have been "behind closed doors" to private groups but I have to believe he made the remarks. Too many sources allege the words you cite at 6:37. Again, Trump is not my fave but the guy has the guts to say in public what some establishment political dynasty girly-guys cower about in private.

Anonymous said...

I predict the self-absorbed, blowhard Trump will burn himself out like Ross Perot did in the 90's. Trump made his money the old-fashioned way...inheritance. He merely built upon that. Given his perpetual red face, the guy drinks too much which explains his behavior.

Anonymous said...

For all my complaints about the left liberal PC police and my not-so-fave Trump (whom I will defend to the death his right to speak his thoughts under our US Constitution), I am more refreshed when I see even Chris Matthews admit, after a conversation with Carly Fiorina, why Fiorina stood out in her "debate". THIS** is what I believe I should have been discussing, not DT...

** Fiorina Runs Circles Around Chris Matthews Over Hillary's Record

Flogger said...

Gary, I agree with you the McMega-Media is doing their best to stack the deck or "Tilt" the pin ball machine to their favored candidates. It should have been obvious that Faux News was trying to take down Trump. I also thought the so-called focus group was a sham.

I am a supporter of Bernie Sanders and the McMega-Media always, always adds a statement about how Sanders cannot win no matter how many people he draws at his rallies, or closes the gap on Hillary. It is almost like a FDA warning, Sanders may be popular, but he cannot win per the Media Pundits.

It will be interesting to see any polling results on theses debates.

Gary R. Welsh said...

They did the same thing to Ron Paul four years ago. They did everything they could to take the wind out of his sails, even pretending he wasn't on the debate stage. They would repeatedly skip over him, and he would have to ask for the opportunity to speak. You would have thought he was just some old crank who had wondered in off the streets. If the media decides you aren't going to be a leading candidate at the time people start voting in the primaries, there's nothing you can do other than just cry foul and then only your most ardent supporters will understand what's happening to you. I will still never forget Paul Tsongas beating Bill Clinton in New Hampshire, but the reporting made it seem like Clinton had won because he didn't lose as badly as he was expected to lose because of the Jennifer Flowers flap, which turned out to be entirely true despite both Clintons going on national TV and lying to the American people about his long-running affair with her. The Jennifer Flowers story wasn't about the affair itself. It was how he had another more qualified state employee passed up for a job so he could give Flowers the job instead. When the other state employee filed a grievance claiming Flowers got the job because she was having an affair with Clinton, Clinton gave her instructions to lie under oath during her testimony at the hearing. Funny how similarly the Monica Lewinsky affair unraveled.

Flogger said...

ANON 8:10 AM, that was a revealing clip on Carly Fiorina vs Chris Matthews on Hillary. Matthews bias for Hillary was on display once again. He was reduced to blubbering in the face of skilled opponent she refused to be interrupted by Matthews who constantly tries to talk over people he does not agree with.

Pete Boggs said...

Fiorina advanced, as evidenced by a clip of her comments being played during the prime time debate.

Bush was predictably flat (inarticulate statist) & uncomfortable; suggesting his a-hole comment was a reference to "tone," which Trump rightly suggested is especially appropriate, in response to the current climate of PC statist barbarism, pretentiously posed as "civility." Trump's right- there's no time for PC!

Carson's as thoughtful & eloquent as Cruz is Constitutionally relevant. It's important we don't fall for the establishment tactic of widening the field or fattening the herd to thin the word (Constitutionally articulate).

Anonymous said...

No cable so between the difficulties of streaming in on or even listening on the radio feed which continually broke up, it was entertaining.

Not a fan of Rand Paul. He did not impress me with his tea party ways.

Rubio came off as a Rube (no picture so PLEASE correct me if I got it wrong) he makes the ridiculous statement of "repealing Obamacare". That piece of crap is never going to go away, all that can be done is have more legislation used to dismantle parts.

I do like Ben Carson. Glad a send some money to him.

Bush - failed.

Christie did well.

Trump. Well, the reason people like him is he is not a life long politician! Remember when Ronnie said, "We start bombing in 5 minutes"? That is the no-nonsense talk that moves things.

Isn't everyone tired of the same old crap the politician spew? It is all a pack of lies - at least I will take someone who speaks their mind. It is refreshing and it is impossible to please all the people all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Well thought out comments, seems everyone agrees that Trump is speaking the people's language of issues facing this great Country, and the comments seem to say Trump isn't sugar coating those issues or making light which is causing heart burn with the MSM,(main stream media), and the establishment Republicans!

There are several other candidates who are polished and can take on the MSM, I wish them good luck!

Thank you all!

Josh said...

Trump has my vote but I'll kinda be surprised to NOT see him turn out in office doing the exact opposite as he implied in the election. Ie another rinocrat for unconstitutional measures such as warrantless nsa treason, open borders, dhs police state, etc unAmerican activities loved and promoted by rinos and dems.