Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Five Police Agencies Investigating Allegations Former British Minister Was Serial Pedophile

Former British Prime Minister Edward Heath (right) with Sir Jimmy Saville (left)
New reports have emerged in the British media that up to five police agencies are investigating decades-old allegations of child sexual abuse by Britain's former prime minister, Edward Heath, who died in 2005. According to various news reports, a Filipino woman who operated a brothel near Heath's home avoided prosecution in a case brought several years ago after she threatened to expose Heath's sexual abuse of children.

Heath is the former leader of the Tory party, who served as British prime minister from 1970 to 1974. He became a bitter enemy of Margaret Thatcher after she successfully ousted him as party leader before her own ascendancy as prime minister. He remained a Member of Parliament until 2001.

Heath, who never married, was a keen yachtsman. It is said he enjoyed sailing his yacht, Morning Cloud, to the isle of Jersey where he would take young children in the care of the state out on his yacht for cruises. Some of the children allegedly never returned.

A brothel operator, Myra Forde, has twice been jailed for prostitution. In the early 1990s, it's reported a case brought against her was dropped after she made allegations against Heath. A retired police detective has confirmed the case against Forde was dropped to protect the reputation of Heath. Forde was renowned for hiring young runaway girls from the state's child protective services as prostitutes in her brothel.

Some of the allegations against Heath date back to the 1960s when he allegedly raped a 12-year old boy in London. Heath is among members of the British Parliament accused of bringing children to Dolphin Square near the parliament building to sexually abuse them. Like television and radio personality Sir Jimmy Saville, authorities waited until after Heath's death to launch a serious investigation of his decades of alleged abuse.

An American reporter, Leah McGrath Goodman, claims she was recently detained at Heathrow Airport and denied entry into the country for a period of two years after being denied entry because of her work investigating the allegations against Heath. Goodman claims Heath was one of a number of VIPs and high-ranking people in the British government and in public life who frequently visited a care home for children, Haut de la Garenne, where it was later revealed Jimmy Saville had raped and abused hundreds of children.

Some believe intelligence agencies play a key role in operating these organized child sex abuse rings for purposes of entrapping government officials and people of influence. Britain's former second-highest ranking leader of MI6, Peter Hayman, has been tied to Britain's VIP pedophile scandal. Allegations only recently emerged in the United States that former House Speaker Dennis Hastert had been accused of molesting teen boys while he was a high school wrestling coach in Yorkville, Illinois. Hastert is now accused of skirting government cash reporting requirements in order to pay millions of dollars to one of his alleged victims to keep him quiet.


Anonymous said...

the British held someone at Heathrow for two years?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The reporter was denied entry at the point of entry after being detained. She is barred from seeking re-entry into the country for two years.

Eric Morris said...

And the chances of the Rothschilds not being aware, if not outright providing the victims, is probably nil.

Josh said...

I wonder who they're protecting at the top?