Monday, August 03, 2015

Dan Coats Twice Voted To Allow Federal Funding Of Fetal Tissue Research

Sen. Dan Coats says he wants to defund Planned Parenthood because of its "barbaric" practice of harvesting fetal tissue for research. Coats took to the Senate floor and the airwaves to denounce the practice after undercover videos released by an anti-abortion group showed executives of the organization talking about fetal tissue donations in a cavalier manner. Here's what Sen. Coats had to say to WRTV on the matter:
"I think what was produced there in terms of what Planned Parenthood was engaged in, relative to this harvesting of body parts, was so shocking and so unnecessary to be funded by the taxpayer when an alternative exists to provide for women's care through community health centers," Coats said. "I just don't think it's right for the taxpayer to have to fund something of this nature. I think it's a barbaric practice." "I was shocked, I think everyone was shocked when we saw these practices taking place," Coats said.
Sen. Coats apparently forgets that he voted not once but twice in the early 1990s to lift the ban on federally-funded research on fetal tissue imposed by the Reagan administration in 1988. Indiana's other senator at the time, Richard Lugar, also voted to lift the ban. In fact, only a  handful of conservative Republican senators voted at the time against lifting the ban. The legislation supported by Coats read, in part:
Human fetal tissue may be used in research carried out under paragraph (1) regardless of whether the tissue is obtained pursuant to a spontaneous or induced abortion or pursuant to a stillbirth.
UPDATE: So the Senate vote led by Coats today to defund Planned Parenthood failed on a 53-46 vote. Sixty votes were required for approval. Indiana's Sen. Joe Donnelly was one of just two Democrats to side with Republicans. The other Democratic vote was West Virginia's Joe Manchin. Illinois' Mark Kirk was the only real Republican vote against it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cast a no vote in order to reserve the right to request another vote on the proposal. You can bet Donnelly would have never cast that vote if his vote had been decisive. The lefties will ascribe the worst of motives to Coats' vote while giving a complete pass to Donnelly. Donnelly said he was voting no until he was assured Planned Parenthood countries were complying with the law as Indiana's clinics claimed to be.


Anonymous said...

The carpetbagger Dan Coats is as phony as is Jimmy Carter. I was there when Dan Coats was elevated to the US Senate by our corrupt Indiana GOP. Coats made himself a multi-millionaire stepping to fetch anything his felonious masters desired. My familiarity with Coats indicates he many have some form of dementia... the guy finds himself in committee meeting rooms he does not belong and before that at his coronation to the Senate he was whisked in and out of our State Conventions as though he were one of the Men in Black... and that was to keep him at a distance so no one could discern that his mental abilities were (and are) not sharp.

For crying out loud, like the liberal Democrats from whom he is indistinguishable, he is now against "federal funding of fetal research" after he was for it. The guy doesn't even know what he votes for.. just like almost every US Congressperson and Senator.

leon dxon said... Notice, in the year 2000 this report was made.

Anonymous said...

Like all conflicted liberal ideals; You have to pass the Bill before you know what is in the Bill. Now there is one of the "all time" mentally deficient, political statements.

Term limits people - TERM LIMITS !!!

J S said...

Much ado about nothing. I have nothing against contraception. And I support easily available abortion in the first trimester. The alternatives to abortion are also not very desirable unless you favor an explosion in inner city unwanted births. So if you want the black birth rate to explode, and you want thousands more single unwed mothers on assistance, the best way to get them is to shut down the local planned parenthood.

Eric Morris said...

I guess that's what the people of Northern Virginia and Tel Aviv wanted Coats to do back then, since he represented them.

Gary R. Welsh said...

JS, Do you actually believe minority mothers are the ones getting abortions in large numbers?

J S said...

I have just Googled and skimmed the top half dozen articles on abortion demographics, and they all confirm that abortions are predominantly by young, unmarried women, terminating their first pregnancy, and, that person is much more likely than not to be African American than white or hispanic.

Josh said...

The souls of these innocents cry out from under the altar before the almighty, "when will you avenge us upon those who dwell on the earth?" He won't be holding back what is justly deserved forever.