Sunday, August 09, 2015

Shock NBC News Poll: Trump Lead Grows After Debate

A new NBC News poll taken after last Thursday's Republican presidential debate shows Donald Trump's lead over the large field of contenders growing. Even worse news for establishment Republicans is the emergence of Ted Cruz in second place at 13% with Jeb Bush's support cratering to single digits well back in the pack. Retired surgeon Ben Carson was the only other candidate to register in double-digits with an 11% share in third place. Carly Fiorini and Marco Rubio tied with 8% each. Bush, who polled 10% in the most recent poll taken before the debate, saw his support drop to 7%.

That same poll found that 22% of respondents believed Carly Fiorni won, even though she was not in the prime-time debate. She was relegated to the debate with second-tiered candidates which aired earlier last Thursday evening. Trump came in second with 18%, while Rubio and Cruz were chosen by 13% and 12% of the respondents, respectively. It's quite remarkable that Trump's standing actually improved despite all of the negative post-debate coverage the media has given to his campaign. The media bias against Trump's candidacy appears to be backfiring.


Eric Morris said...

Trump sounds decent on Federal Reserve and less war but calling Snowden a traitor is fatal to me. The rest are in the thrall of the neocon warmongers and Israel so very little hope despite the vast size of the field. With Cuba and Iran, I'd almost say I wouldn't mind Obama sticking around compared to the rest of power seeking creeps.

Greg Wright said...

Looks like the base is angry at the national establishment. Reminds me of Indy.

local landlord said...

Fox kicked The Donald in the balls. What they forgot is that his are made of iron.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a surprise that the best entertainer "won" the television show?

Anonymous said...

I would very much mind if the Marxist Obama "stuck around"! I long feared since his 2008 Coronation that he and extremist liberal far leftist Democrats might create some subterfuge (military or economic) for him to remain after his two terms conclude (which cannot be soon enough). Obama always tells you what he is going to do with trial balloons or "negative" statements about what he "cannot" do... and then he does it. The latest trial balloon is his statement about his belief he could win again and serve a third term. I can just hear the left liberal conspiracy loons shrieking at my "foil hat" idea but I believe Obama and co-president Valerie Jarrett just might try to remain running slipshod over the US Constitution with the assistance of their liberal Democrats and the RINO Republicans like Boehner and the phony McConnell.

And "power seeking creeps"? Please! Let's not forget the constantly running for POTUS Hillary Rodham Clinton who has broken many laws and had so many persons die or be jailed on her various watches (Foster, Hubbell, Stevens) and whose only goal it appears is the increase of power and money from any despotic government or human rights bashing group she can.

Trump is not the candidate I'd cast a vote but does have the right to speak and he does say many things that the people know in their guts is the truth. That's why his numbers are growing. He says of many issues exactly what the everyday people see and know to be real. For that reason the establishment will do whatever it can to shut him down.

I've never believed FOX News is all that much fair and balanced; at least they are not the national liberal leftists Democrat Media Machine the national networks and MSNBC and the other leftist loon lib cable "news" propagandists are.

Megyn Kelly, in my opinion, showed herself to be just another establishment RINO Republican version of the very liberal Katy Curic- out only for ratings and for "glory", not news. Kelly (or her vastly lower-paid-than-she staff) had to really dig and dig and search to find old out of context quotes that have so little to do with "news" AND she had to do it with Roger Ailes' blessing. I left FOX News years ago and I now have so little respect for this Megyn Kelly it is on the low level of what I think of FOX's resident loud mouth Bill O'Reilly. Kelly showed herself to be what she really is... and that is not a journalist but a fame-chomping ego who doesn't know a dime's difference between speaking truth and plotting evil to destroy someone. But then again, she's an attorney, isn't she?

As I watch Fiorina, I cannot help but always be struck by her sincerity, her convictions, her knowledge, her presidential poise, her knowledge, and her connectivity to everyday Americans. No wonder the socialist left liberal Democrats fear her greatly. She speaks truth to power.

We have so many issues facing this once Constitutional Republic; both major political parties long ago transformed this Nation from what it was to the eastern European socialist soft tyranny it is today. We are wasting far too much time on theartrical Megyn Kelly BS when we should be alarmed at the growing loss of our civil liberties, our national self-determination, and our now-severely restricted freedoms.

Eric Morris said...

Carly is sincere. She knows who the real master is, and will call him immediately to take her marching orders.

Anonymous said...

Fox News conducted their 'debate' like an airing of American Idol....don't be surprised when the best showman or entertainer comes out with positive poll numbers.

If they wanted to show Trump up for the fool that he is, why not ask specific policy questions or ask for specifics rather than trumps rhetoric of 'i'm going to negotiate the sht out of China'...

Fox's attack questions backfired and played directly into why his supporters love him, because he speaks his mind and can dish it out. Trump came across as a belligerent bully, yet lot of supporters are tired of Washington and tired of political correctness and this is the exact draw of Trump. Ignore fact Trump has held lot of progressive views, donated to Hillary, and still can't answer an honest policy question without calling someone a name.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats hate Trump!
The Republicans hate Trump!
The main stream media hates Trump!
Trump is leading in the polls, well looks like the American people kinda like him.
Say what you want about the guy, the fat cats can't control him and that's irritating the bejibbers out of them.
The media can't control him.
The party guys can't control him.
Special interest can't control him.
I'm just throwing some softballs in the crowd to get a reaction!
Who can control Trump?

Anonymous said...

Applause, applause, applause to you Anon 9:31. Smartly written and on the money.

Anonymous said...

4:34, I think you're on to something. It sure seems like the media has been firing shots at this guy from every direction. Makes you wonder if the powers that be are trying to make him go away.