Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Uh Oh

Hillary Clinton's e-mail problems aren't going away any time soon. It was learned today that at least two e-mails Clinton stored on her personal e-mail server during her tenure as Secretary of State were classified as top secret--the highest national security classification. Clinton has claimed the personal e-mail account included no classified matters. That's a specious claim based on the fact that nobody had been allowed to review the content of the e-mails prior to their dissemination to determine if they should be classified.

FBI agents also took custody of the personal server on which she maintained her personal e-mail account while serving as Secretary of State as part of its criminal investigation of mishandling classified information. After insisting for months through her attorney, David Kendall, that she would not turn the server over to any third party for inspection and that all e-mails generated during her time as Secretary of State had been wiped clean from the server, her attorney handed over the server today, along with a thumb drive containing all of the e-mails she copied from the server and turned over to the State Department long after she left office after she was requested to turn them over.

Clinton maintains that remaining e-mails erased from the server were all personal in nature. The State Department's Inspector General has also widened his probe to include the use of personal e-mail accounts by some of Clinton's top aides at the State Department. Is Barry going to have the last laugh and throw Hillary under the bus to ensure she never becomes president?


Anonymous said...

What a surprise, the aged, extremist left of center liberal Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liar. Hillary Rodham Clinton has always been a liar.

Back in her early days as a Nixon impeachment investigation staffer during the Watergate hearings. Lifelong Democrat and House Judiciary's Watergate Investigation Chief Counsel Jerry Zeifman canned Hillary Rodham Clinton FOR FRAUD. Why did Democrat Zeifman fire her? “Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said... “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Of all those who served under Chief Counsel, Hillary Clinton was only one of three to never receive a recommendation from Zeifman.

And today we look at this vile wretch of a woman who has nothing to show for her years as a parasite on the American People and a coat tail rider as she excused over and over and over her hubby Bill's sickness as a sexual predator and abuser of women by working to destroy the woman Bill sexually prevailed upon.

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing about extremist leftist liberal Democrats it is that they do not, or will not, criticize their own. Wagons are usually drawn circled to protect their co-ideologues often no matter what. Only when apparent that public opinion inexorably and vastly shifts to disbelief, dismay, or disgust (as in the Anthony Weiner porn-pic melodrama) and "saving" their co-radical becomes hopeless that liberal Dems begin to quietly, maybe privately, urge their co-radical to "go away".

This entire Clinton brood is a pox on the American experience, they run a money laundering machine where millions pour in from the most despicable civil rights destroying tyrants from around the world and they've put the American government and many of its secrets for sale to foes like China. Hillary Rodham Clinton even arranged the sale of our precious metals like uranium ... used in military applications... to Russia.

The Russian Romanovs were treated far more harshly and the parents, defenseless children, and personal servants brutally murdered by Bolshevik Communists for far, far less than the time and again lawlessness of the Clintons... behavior the media and many low info Americans foolishly excuse or turn blind eyes to.

Anonymous said...

This is only the beginning of her demise, deceit and deception, it is catching up to her. Others implicated but haven't come to the surface are Huma Abedin,John Kerry, John McCain, Attorney David Kendal and Sidney Blumenthal,this is going to get very ugly, this is including the Benghazi investigation and coverup.
I can't wait and see how the MSM handles their star attraction, and we thought Nixon was corrupt! we ain't seen nothin yet!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Anon 6:39, Absolutely. Hillary Rodham Clinton is evil and unethical ambition in a slack suit. Richard Nixon nor even Spiro Agnew were anywhere near as corrupt nor as law breaking as this outdated, self-absorbed, self-important, power and adulation hungry vengeful and angry old crone who is herself the real "war on women".

It may be unseemly to admit it but I am going to savor every second of her inevitable demise. Bill and Hill set up Chelsea with vastly overpaid positions in media and now speaking engagements; Chelsea steps neatly into the footprints of her parents' corruption. The poisoned apple sure doesn't fall far from the rotten trees.

Flogger said...

As a Leftie and Bernie Sanders fan I have watched the McMega-Media trying to push the coronation of Hillary. Sanders has been drawing huge crowds through out the US at his rallies. The McMega-Media at first tried to pass Sanders large rallies off as a blip. However, he continues to fill the venues he speaks at, now the McMega-Media plays the card of just ignore that. MSNBC, CNN, and Fox seem to be doing their best to tamp down reporting on Sanders. The Clintonites are playing the "poor Hillary" card a victim of the vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

A poll released by Franklin Pierce University and the Boston Herald shows Sanders leading former secretary of state Hillary Clinton by 44% to 37% in New Hampshire among Democratic primary voters.

Now the Corporate Wing of the Democratic Party is trying to pump up Joe Biden as a potential candidate, as Hillary loses air.

Anonymous said...

Flogger, I am Anon 7:40 and I am not a "Leftie" but I know Tmartruth and you speak it in droves.

Bill Clinton raised money for Martin O'Malley but the establishment liberal Democrats or maybe even the Clinton Machine?) sure seem to have their torpedo sights against him. Corporatist liberal Democrats are also doing everything they can to demolish Bernie Sanders who obviously has a HUGE following compared to Hillary- perhaps a HUGE following compared to any current Dem candidate who announced and is running for POTUS.... I happen to believe Hillary lost air decades ago and the national Corporate Liberal Democrat Media Machine can no longer hide her incredible lack of support among just about every demographic voter profile one can name.

Josh said...

Ron Brown, Vince Foster, and Chris Stevens are all up there in heaven saying "Told ya!"

Anonymous said...

Would this crime be similar to Edward Snowden and Petraeus ?

Anonymous said...

Most people considered Edward Snowden a hero for exposing the truth. I know I sure do. It is the "government" and its subservient class who consider Snowden a criminal.

Petraeus allowed himself to be used, destroyed reputations for honor and duty, and when he turned against his government his Masters turned against him.

Josh said...

Snowden exposed treason at the highest offices and agencies in the land, and Petraeus apparently wouldn't go alonmg with the plan, whatever the plan is, and landed himself in the ranks of purged officers under the 0bama regime.

The 0bama regime is quietly purging the ranks of Americans and filling them with boot lickers.... and I wouldn't be surprised if they were all (drum roll goes here) muslim.