Monday, August 24, 2015

Sharp's Gymnastic Academy Owner Arrested For Child Molestation

Marvin Sharp
State and local police raided the home of a prominent Indianapolis gymnastics coach last night and arrested him for child molestation. Marvin Sharp, who has coached Olympic gymnastic hopefuls, operates Sharp's Gymnastic Academy on Georgetown Road on the far northwest side of Indianapolis. The website for Sharp's Gymnastic Academy describes it as the place "where kids go to fly" and "home of Olympians and world champions."

UPDATE: Sharp's legal problems are much worse than first appeared. He now faces two federal child pornography charges based on evidence law enforcement obtained during a search of his home. This is a tragic outcome for such a talented gymnastics coach so many admired. Sharp is accused of photographing and inappropriately fondling several of his female students according to seven state charges outlined by the Marion Co. Prosecutor's office.


Anonymous said...

What kind of idiot man works around kids? You're either a sicko who's into kids, or you're just asking for someone to throw you in jail.

Anonymous said...

Anon 201, I don't know if there is necessarily something wrong with men who works with kids, not everyone is a pervert. However, if I was a parent I would be very careful allowing my kids with ANYONE - male or female.