Thursday, August 13, 2015

Star Wants You To Get Upset About $873,000 In Security Improvements At State House

The Indianapolis Star is making a big deal out of the fact the Pence administration plans to spend $873,000 in security improvements at the State House, which includes new turn-style doors at entrances not used by the general public to guard against unauthorized access to the building by persons who might otherwise slip into the building as authorized persons come and go from the building. This is the same newspaper that supports the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars of public assets for corporate welfare the politicians exchange for campaign contributions. It's too bad it can't find a reason to get exercised about Mayor Greg Ballard breaking multiple laws to steal public parking spaces and tax dollars valued in the tens of millions of dollars to set up the French company, Bollore, with its Blue Indy monopoly electric car sharing service. Gannett is all about making up faux news stories to distract you from the real issues you should be concerned about as taxpayers.


Anonymous said...

The Star, like most legacy media, has completely trivialized itself and destroyed brand value. It's fun watching these people, most of whom consider themselves brilliant, implode. Even their paywall is worthless. All one needs to do is clear cache and voila, ten more free articles. Gannet is an entertainment company and I have to say, watching this circus is mighty entertaining.

Eric Morris said...

Why does the Indiana Constitution say the government cannot prohibit you from bearing arms, yet bans them on government property?

Muncie Politics said...

The Indy Star would be the first to jump on the bandwagon if security was compromised. In other words, if someone was hurt, or worse killed because of lax security, it would be smeared all over their headlines.

Print media is becoming more and more like TV. They will smear a celebrity and if the celebrity should have an untimely or tragic death, the go oit of their way to show how much the person was loved.