Thursday, August 06, 2015

Ballard Claims Those Questioning Illegal Blue Indy Deal Are Damaging Indianapolis' Reputation--Look In The Mirror, Greg

Indianapolis' reputation is being damaged, alright, but not for the reason our extremely corrupt Mayor Greg Ballard claims it is being damaged. Ballard complained during an interview with WFYI today that the council's lawsuit against the illegal, electric car lease agreement with Vision Fleet and the questions council members and its attorney are now raising about the illegal monopoly business he awarded to Blue Indy for an electric car sharing service are having a lasting negative effect on the city.
"What is odd, is I seem to have the only set of Democrats in the entire country who are against clean transportation, which I find a little funny," Ballard said in an interview with WFYI.
Ballard says the council is sending a damaging signal to the business community. "The net effect of this is, if you’re a business and you want to come to Indianapolis, do you have to go through this mess? That’s the problem," he said.
Ballard argues the council was fully aware of the process in bringing Vision Fleet and Blue Indy’s owner Ballore to the city. He says they’re playing election year politics by crying foul over the programs so late in the process.
That is an outright lie, Greg. It's not just Democratic council members asking questions about your illegal contracts. Most of the Republican council members have abandoned their support of you on these matters. Furthermore, nobody but you, a handful of your senior staff members and the political insiders who are poised to make tens of millions of dollars at the expense of city taxpayers knew what the hell was behind either the Vision Fleet or Blue Indy contracts. Both were executed in the shadows, and both involved the flaunting of numerous state and city laws. You have actually stolen valuable city property worth tens of millions of dollars to benefit Blue Indy's car sharing service. You and members of your administration have committed multiple felonies for which you should be imprisoned if there was actually an honest prosecutor in this town who would get off his ass and do the job he took an oath to fulfill. There's no other city in American where you can walk out the door with tens of millions of public dollars and nobody will ask you any questions. The media in this town will actually aid and abet you in the public theft.

Let the world know that we have the most corrupt mayor in all of America. He operates on the down low and is on the take. He's currently circulating his resume' in search of a post-mayoral job. Anyone considering hiring this pathetic excuse for a man needs to do their due diligence. He is not a man of his word, and he's certainly not a man of honor or integrity. He's the dumbest man in the room who thinks he's the smartest man in the room. Our city will be paying for decades to come for the fleecing he has done for the benefit of his political cronies. The day his sorry ass leaves his office on the 25th floor of the City-County Building for the last time can't come soon enough for the people of this city.


Anonymous said...

Last in a long series of miscues. There is no "business community" by the way though there are hangers on and quick buck artists and parasite lawyers and law firms who have abandoned professional ethics, in my opinion. The Greg Ballard folks supported could not, by himself, thought up most any of these stupidities. Pay attention, Mr. Pence. We did not elect you to be the doormat for cheap lawyer suits or of glib parasites. One reason people like Sarah Palin is that she jailed Republicans of the Corrupt Bastards Club...Go and do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Just listen to this bloated, unethical, immoral, "Republican" thief make absolutely no sense in his totally untrue statements spewed as attempts to defend his and his crony's illegal self-serving money schemes. YOU LIE GREG BALLARD AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

As one who usually votes Republican, I have such a sour taste in my mouth from almost eight years of Greg Ballard lies, his phony scams and government deals, and his "sustainable" agenda that is actually a code word for "stealing City assets"; the very LAST thing I would do is vote for another Republican for ANY Marion County office... not gonna be a doofus and vote Democrat but I will NOT abet the graft and corruption that is the hallmark of Greg Ballard's and Kyle Walker's tenures.


Anonymous said...

The next time Rick Hite, Terry Curry, Greg Ballard, Brian Bosma, and the "leading" corrupt Republican and Democrat attorney handlers tell any of us everyday people to obey a law, any law, we are going to tell them to piss up a rope. If Democrat and Republican politicians can break the laws, enrich themselves and their buddies, and remain at large and free and unchallenged, you can damn sure be guaranteed we are gonna do the same thing because there is no reason not to.

Just that simple. I believe we have prisoners in federal and state penitentiaries who have done far less than our corrupt politicians.

Anonymous said...

Not only do all those Blue Indy parking spaces need to be immediately removed, but a Grand Jury should be convened for Official Misconduct and other crimes.

Anonymous said...

Re anon 9:22, there won't be any grand jury nor will anyone put "duh mayor's" feet in the fire. Both sides are so corrupt our only choice is to abandon this town and let it self destruct on it's own.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with the dumbest man in the room comment were it not for the so many people I meet around town who think he's brilliant. He's dumb, allright, but clearly they're dumber than he is.