Monday, December 29, 2014

Pence Groveling At Netanyahu's Feet For Permission To Run For President

Gov. Mike Pence knows who his true master is, and it's not the people of Indiana or the United States of America. Watch your state's governor's slobbering remarks written by his in-house Israeli agent, Tom Rose, to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seeking his blessings to run for President. Ask Gov. Pence what those billions of dollars in annual foreign aid to Israel have done for you lately. Will we ever live to see the day when a single American leader will stand face-to-face with an Israeli leader and demand an apology for their unprovoked and deliberate attack on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967 that killed 34 American sailors and seriously injured 171 others, representing the longest and most deadly sustained attack on a U.S. Navy ship since Pearl Harbor by our so-called ally?


Anonymous said...

So sad. Would love to know who joined him on this trip and what powers to be think Pence has what it takes to be Pres after the major media and others dump the dirt like they did on Mitch. Great case study for Dr. Robert D. Hare. Hello Command Center. Keep us up to date on the megomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Good points all, Anon 11:21.

I vomit when I recall my 2012 vote for this shrimp-statured sourpuss whose real masters have always been the out-of-state monied set.

I laugh uncontrollably when I hear this out-of-touch, self-absorbed, ego heavy pointless old man be described as a serious potential Republican presidential candidate.

Like Evan Bayh, Pence uses the Indiana Governor's chair as a holding place for future political self-aggrandizement and personal fortune.

Anonymous said...

Pence is so dumb he wants to discuss opening up some hog farms in Israel.