Thursday, December 11, 2014

Judicial Qualifications Commission Files Charges Against Muncie Judge Who Jailed Critic

Muncie City Court Judge Dianna Bennington caught our attention earlier this year after she jailed a man who distributed to the public information which criticized the manner in which she conducted her city court. Now she's gotten the unwanted attention of the state's Judicial Qualifications Commission, which announced it had filed a 13-count complaint for misconduct against her today.

According to a press release, Bennington is accused of violating the judicial canons requiring ethical conduct by: abusing her judicial power by sentencing a man to jail without any indication of when he would be released or without the presence of a prosecutor; repeated violations of statutes and court rules; injudicious public conduct related to a child custody dispute with the father of her children; making unfounded accusations; engaging in profanity and racially-laced verbal confrontations; and failure to cooperate with the Commission's investigation. 

You can read the full complaint by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Add another name to the ranks of other infamous Democrat former judges:

Dianna Bennington (D)
Kim Brown (D)
Michelle Smith Scott (D)
Z Mae Jimison (D)
Grant Hawkins (D)
Mickey Weber (D)

Anonymous said...

She should be in jail. She's also an easy Plaintiff's win in a 1983 action.