Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Allen Co. GOP Approves Resolution Calling For Resignation Of Speaker Boehner

The Allen Co. Republican Party approved a resolution Monday night denouncing the House Republican leadership for lying to U.S. Representative Marlin Stutzman, who had been assured by House leaders that they would replace the $1 trillion continuing resolution with a shorter-term funding bill if he changed his decisive vote on a procedural vote to allow the measure to be brought to the floor for a vote last week. Stutzman says the Republican leadership reneged on that promise, pushing ahead with the $1 trillion spending measure that gave virtually everything President Obama had demanded from lawmakers. Stutzman switched his vote to no on final passage in protest.

Allen County GOP committeepersons also approved an oral resolution calling on House Speaker John Boehner to resign according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.. The written resolution approved by the local party found House GOP leaders "devoid of integrity and untrustworthy" for the "offensive and insulting" misrepresentation the leadership made to Rep. Stutzman. Allen Co. GOP Chairman Steve Shine said the resolution was meant "to send a message to Washington, from literally the Republican heartland, to knock it off." Shine said both resolutions were approved unanimously by about 70 precinct committeepersons.


Pete Boggs said...

Where's does the Capitol city Republican Party stand, if at all?

Anonymous said...

Pete-in answer to your question, the Marion County GOP is
"devoid of integrity and untrustworthy" for the "offensive and insulting" misrepresentation the leadership made to the African American candidates it fielded in the most recent election, as well as how the local Republican Party conducts itself towards its members.
Marion County grassroots Republicans need "to send a message to the Columbia Club, from literally the Republican heartland, to knock it off."

Pete Boggs said...

Anon 6:51: You're right, those stories are too widely corroborated to be merely "made up," the base (majority support) having similar experiences. Party is a funny word, isn't it?

It's very unlikely they'll hear or respond credibly, to anything from their rejected base. It's easy to point fingers at those in the party, the problem is mostly an anti-liberty structure beyond personnel; a stilted process of micro-managed appointment (arrested development), at the expense of grass rooted, participatory vibrance of responsive spontaneity, where outcomes pend on the articulation of principle.

Those who seek to manage competition actually fear it; along with competent competitors & the possibilities of real progress.

The establishment is a cowardly club or fear factored protection racket. They decline civil discussion of ideology; defaulting to a barbaric, Darwinian narrative; hence their contempt for Christians & Constitutionalists, giving unwitting life to the very unprincipled monster of their self destruction; viral greed of statism.

The 2016 Disconnect Fee will make 2012 look like a bargain; an exorbitant expense of principle deficit (trust, etc.), far exceeding resources of the establishment.

Arrogance is blinding & introspection is hard work. Without immediate change, there won't be much of a party after 2106- guess who will be most surprised? Unfortunately, those in a position to know better will read comments like these & dismiss them for all the wrong reasons; numbingly complacent & satisfied that they're "right" because of "who they are," never caring that anyone bothered or attempted to tell them or make things better.

The Republican party is the new K-Mart; positioned for sale by the Chamber of Reimburse but no longer investment grade; to those risking their own money...

Escalating annual debt without payments on said debt; or morbidly expanding government- sustainable?