Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cyber Intelligence Experts Tell FBI Disgruntled Employees Behind Sony Hack: U.S. Government Still Blames North Korea

The U.S. government was very quick to blame the North Korean government when Sony Pictures was the victim of a major computer hacking meant to embarrass the company as it prepared the launch of its incredibly terrible movie, "The Interview," which will no doubt generate far higher box office receipts than it otherwise would have generated but for the hacking incident. Independent cyber security experts reportedly briefed the FBI yesterday on its findings the hacking of Sony's computer systems was an inside job carried out by disgruntled employees. Faced with the fact the North Koreans lacked the capabilities of carrying out such a sophisticated attack, the FBI is sticking to its original story, suggesting the North Koreans contracted out the work.

It's starting to look an awful lot like our government's phony claims accusing the Syrian government of carrying out chemical weapons attacks on its own people as an excuse for launching yet another war in the Middle East or the non-existence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. Our government stood by its Syrian chemical weapons story for months even after being confronted with embarrassing evidence that any chemical weapons attack that occurred in Syria was done by the hands of the very rebels covertly funded, armed and trained by the U.S. government. The government then shifted to a narrative that the supposed good guys morphed into something bad called ISIS which had to be eradicated. Who wins and who loses when our own government repeatedly perpetrates false flag attacks?

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Flogger said...

I watched a bit of the Mega-Media
CNN, and MSNBC when the story of Sony Hack broke. It was the usual frenzy of unsubstantiated accusations relying on the US Government to the tell the truth. I was almost expecting to see the various "experts" forced wipe the rabid froth on tissues off of their lips as they raged on in self righteous anger. It is the usual stage acting by the Mega-Media when ever the Government needs to ramp up a new enemy.

Left out of all this frenzy by the Mega-Media about the Sony Hack was any mention of our own hacking and spying on the world by the NSA.

I found a long article but a good article on the Hacking -