Monday, December 29, 2014

IPL Seeking Another 8% Rate Increase

Indianapolis Power & Light is already increasing your electric bills 3% a year until at least the year 2019, but that's not stopping it from seeking authorization to hike your bills another 8%, or about $8 bucks a month more. It also has a separate 1% hike pending before the IURC to pay to convert its Harding Street plant from coal to natural gas. Utilities always get what they want in Indiana because the members of our regulatory commission were all bought and paid for by the industry. Anyone not in their back pocket is disqualified from service on the IURC--yet another benefit of living in the most corrupt state in all of America.


Anonymous said...

The proposed 1% IPL rate hike to convert to natural gas on top of the proposed 3% IPL rate hike we working and over-taxed Marion County voters will be forced to fork over will no doubt please Democrat Councilor Zach "coal is so dirty!" Adamson.

Pete Boggs said...

Translation: Cost of living increase for Hoosiers or those looking to locate here.

Typical of public entities with opaque accountability; IPL's spokesperson "justified" the increase in utility terms (vs. citizen or customer terms), plant & billing upgrades, years without an increase in base rate, etc. They fail to present their product (energy) in consumer terms or benefits that are meaningful to customers.
Considering salaries & bonuses of their up echelon; are they ever good enough or sufficiently effective at what they do, to bring costs down, not marginally but in real net terms?

Shareholders can more easily make sense of these announcements than customers.

Anonymous said...

While the salaries and bonuses of the IPL upper echelons are unconscionable, that is not the sole crux of the problem regarding the constant rate increases.

Liberal leftist politicos like Barak Obama who hate coal have to make coal much more expensive to use in order to coax us to use technologies of the past (batteries, for example) for the high tech needs of the future.

Making coal much more expensive thus increases the cost of our electric rates.

That anyone believes left socialist Democrats (I repeat myself) care about everyday Americans when it comes to energy costs and their pocketbooks is mind-blowing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Anon 4:09, you really think coal is so clean, put your money where you mouth is, stop down off Harding Street, next to the White River, bathe in that coal slurry pit, wash your children in it too.

Anonymous said...

One report I saw said the increase was to recoup the cost of those stupid loaner electric cars that take the best parkinig spaces downtown. -My answer to that is to SCRAP THAT JUNK! That is a failed plan that will never pay for itself. There is no reason for electric consumers to pay for someone elses chance to play an expensive game.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:58 - If coal keeps our electric prices lower, then I'm all for it! Here's my idea: I'll pay the lower price for the coal-provided electricity and you pay the costs of your otherwise produced electricity. This is the USA and the free market should be allowed to prevail. (By the way, there would be so few of you willing to pay the higher cost that it would probably be 100 times more expensive that the electricity the rest of us buy.)

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