Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pence Makes Obligatory Trip To Israel

A person cannot serve as president of the United States without first getting the blessings of Israel regardless of political party. A couple of weeks ago, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren made her first overseas trip to Israel where she met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as other Israeli officials.

During the Christmas holiday, Gov. Mike Pence will take a trip to Israel financed by a pro Israel group, Christians United for Israel. He is scheduled to meet with Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders during his trip as well. Perhaps he can deliver a message to the Israelis about Adam Livvix on behalf of Tony George's family during his trip.

Many people mistakenly believe President Barack Obama is anti-Israel because of his Islamic family ties. Yet some of his biggest financial backers who helped get his start in politics in Illinois and closest political advisers are prominent Jews who hold dual citizenship with Israel. His first chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is a dual citizen who served in the Israeli Army during the first Gulf War.


Anonymous said...

As long as we have stupid Christians in America, we will continue to be led around by Israel.

Israel is playing these stupid fundamentalist churches with their stupid fundamentalist churchgoers like a Hungarian fiddle.

Smart Americans don't care about Israel and know it's just a country full of 7th Century European converts to rabbinical judaism who have no blood connection to Palestine. Today's "Jews" are just Khazarians. They are not mentioned, at all, in the Old testament, and the Old testament, itself, it a nutjob book that only a very stupid person would take literally.

Israel is not a holy land. It's not even called Israel. The place is Palestine. Always has been.

There is no Hebrew language. Hebrew is merely a Phoenician dialect, but since the Canaanites were Phoenicians, and since the Palestines were Phoenician, and since the Old Testament is a collection of Phoenician pagan myths, that try to say the Jews were in conflict with these other religions, the European Jews can't admit that their religion is just made up, really silly, and not deserving of any respect by any thinking person.

Dumb Americans believe the Old Testament is actual history and buy into the scam.

How many dumb American fundamentalists know that the Old Testament was a pagan book until 500 BC? It had lots and lots of gods in it. It only contained pagan gods. It was just a record of the Phoenician myths, as Hebrews were just a Phoenician tribe. Every dumb fundamentalist who reads from the Old Testament reads Phoenician pagan myths in their supposedly "Christian" church.

Since the 1890's, European Jewry has been angling for their own country on the Mediterranean Sea, and the dumbest populations in America have given them one with phony wars and lots of military aid.

How many dumb Americans know of the Balfour Declaration? How many Americans have researched Louis Brandeis' role in getting us into WWI?

How many Americans know that the Jews have been claiming a 6,000,000 holocaust since the 1800's? It's a magical number for them. They need to lose 6,000,000 before they will be allowed to return to Palestine. The Nazis were bastards, but they didn't kill 6,000,000 Jews, and B'nai Brith, the ADL and AIPAC all use this myth to try to get themselves a free oceanfront country paid for and protected by Americans.

How many Americans know Bolshevism was Jewish? How many Americans know that huge portions of the Soviet Union government were Jewish? How many Americans know that European Jews like totalitarian governments?

As long as AIPAC is not declared a foreign lobby and banned from donating to campaigns, our elections will continue to be bought by Israel.

As long as dumb Americans watch Fox News, we will have more dumb Americans who think America has an obligation to protect Israel.

Stupid Americans support Israel, and these same stupid Americans vote. That's why we're always at war in the Middle East and it's why we're a police state at home and getting worse.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Legalized bribery is what the receipt of campaign donations represents, is what was once explained to us by Andy Jacobs. While in Congress, Mike Pence for Congress received more funds from Israel than did any other member of the Indiana delegation; he was an Israel Firster then, and as Governor of Indiana, still is. An America Firster cannot get elected to Congress or the highest office in the land, President.

Horse239 does a concise job, 11/22, explaining why this is in his report at VidRebel.wordpress,

"Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since."

VidRebel is also probably correct in his post of 12/1: "Amnesty: One Brick in America's Wall of Doom. Race Riots Another."

Flogger said...

Will Pence's visit get all the Indiana Bible Thumpers up on their feet and raising their hands just waiting for that rapture??

Israel has taken the page or pages from the USA on how to deal with the Native Americans and applied them in the Middle East: Pass laws that "Legally" take the land away, change or toss out existing treaties, relocate the Natives to reservations, if the Natives resist call in the Cavalry to force them out.

Anonymous said...

Pence is wasting the money paid for the trip. He will never be POTUS. The man who never smiles has neither the gravitas nor the personality nor a solid Conservative core to make the cut. ]Repeating stale "establishment conservative" slogans is not enough.] Sorry I wasted my vote on him but I console myself that it was the last I will ever cast on his behalf. The Democrats are not a bit better and that is a sad commentary in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

Pence is a schmuck.

Pence is so stupid he doesn't even know nor care about Pollard's