Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Washington Post Obtains Tens Of Thousands Of Former Gov. Jeb Bush's E-Mails

The Washington Post managed to obtain through a Florida public records request something you will never obtain through a public records request in Indiana--tens of thousands of e-mails former Gov. Jeb Bush wrote during his two terms as Florida's governor. Bush earlier said he would release the e-mails early next year, but the Post didn't wait until then. The pro-Bush Post describes the e-mails as underscoring "two constants present from the beginning of his political career: the challenges he faced with conservatives in his own party and an intense, detail-oriented engagement as an executive."

The Post said the e-mails show Bush personally responding to job applicants, pressing staff assistants on the list of invitees to events and frequent e-mail exchanges with constituents. His primary policy focus was on education, taxes and health care during his tenure as governor from 1999 to 2007. The Post describes Bush as a sometimes-flip writer who frequently used words like "awesome," "my bad," and "chill out." The e-mails do not include any communications Bush made concerning legal or personnel matters, which are specifically exempt under Florida's public records law.

As Bush wrote e-mails, he was mindful state law would force their disclosure at some point. In one e-mail early in his administration, he admonished two staffers discussing vacation time, saying their communications might some day become fodder for a newspaper article. "I suggest that you guys have a verbal conversation about it rather than create a public document.:)." Bush reportedly spent as much as 30 hours a week reading and writing e-mails, frequently sending them in the wee hours of the morning.

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Anonymous said...

The hallmark of an intellectual would hardly be the words "awesome," "my bad," and "chill out." God forbid that the Karl Rovian types working to cram Jeb Bush down our throats for 2016 be successful.

Jeb Bush is a clone from an Establishment Republican chain of failures whose most recent links are John McCain and Mitt Romney...both who did nothing more than to give us the socialist Marxist Barak Obama...twice!

Jeb Bush is just another POS RINO who must not be anywhere on the 2016 ballot.