Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pence Reappoints Carolene Mays To Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission

Once again, Gov. Mike Pence proves that he sold his soul to the devil to get elected governor. He announced today that he is reappointing Carolene Mays, a former Democratic state lawmaker who possessed zero qualifications to serve as a utility regulator other than the fact that she's the niece of Bill Mays, who served on Vectren's board of directors for many years until his retirement in 2012. Try not to gag as you read Pence's statement:
Mays with her husband
“Carolene Mays has served Hoosiers well in her role as commissioner, ensuring that Indiana has access to  reliable utility services at fair, reasonable prices,” said Pence. “I am confident Hoosiers can count on her and  the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to serve their needs and protect their pocketbooks in the years to come.”
Protect our pocketbooks? Obviously, Gov. Pence hasn't paid a utility bill in Indiana out of his own pocket for a long time. Since when did anyone appointed to the IURC represent anyone other than the big utility companies? Certainly not in my lifetime. The only people with whom the governor consults on these appointees are lobbyists and executives for the utility companies.
Got to keep those campaign contributions flowing.

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