Sunday, January 19, 2014

Indianapolis Airport Cop Caught By TSA Trying To Board Plane Without Going Through Security

A woman described as a "high-ranking" member of the Indianapolis International Airport was nabbed by TSA agents for attempting to board a Southwest Airlines on January 4 without going through the security checkpoint required of all passengers boarding flights at the airport. According to WRTV's Rafael Sanchez, Lt. Angela Lee used her airport credentials to bypass security not once but twice to avoid missing her flight. After being stopped the first time and turned away, she found another way around security and boarded the flight. Upon learning of the breach, TSA agents boarded the flight and escorted Lee from the flight.

Lee will not lose her job as a result of her transgression. Airport Executive Director Robert Duncan tells WRTV that Lee was suspended without pay for two weeks. "We had a police officer that used incredibly bad judgment in bypassing security so that the officer wouldn't miss a flight that was actually pretty important to the officer, because it was designed for her to hook up with her mother and sister for a cruise," said Duncan. "Unfortunately she used incredibly bad judgment in trying to expedite the flight, and because of our layered security, she got caught and there was a consequence." No police report was filed because the TSA chose not to charge Lee since it was satisfied with the punishment meted out to her by the airport authority, although the TSA acknowledged that it's up to airport police whether to charge someone who violated security rules.


Anonymous said...

She must have slept through her
classes during her training concerning "common sense."

Anonymous said...

This is CLEARLY outlined to all employees who have airport access badges. This is outrageous that a Lt. of the airport police purposely disregarded the rules. What was not made clear was if she had her weapon with her when she violated the policy.

Anonymous said...

She is also in charge of the CALEA certification for Airport PD. She totally knows better, and took a lesson out of the John Layton, MCSD playbook, but got caught.

Anonymous said...

WOW just saw this.

Was she arrested? Fined by TSA? Charged by the US Attorney? I would use this if I or a friend of mine got arrested by a airport officer when I showed up in court. They have demoted or fired male lieutenants why not her??