Friday, January 31, 2014

Daley Nephew Gets 60 Days In Jail For Killing David Koschman

Sixty days. That's how much time former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's thug nephew, Richard Vanecko, will serve in jail under a plea agreement announced today for taking the life of David Koschman, a young man he beat down on a sidewalk during a drunken rage while out partying with friends on Rush Street in 2004. Forget the fact that Vanecko and his friends repeatedly lied to police about his actions on the night in question. Forget the fact that his uncle's friends ordered the Chicago Police Department to obstruct the investigation from the get-go. Forget the fact that two successive Crook County prosecutors did everything in their power to sweep this dastardly crime under the rug. Only after the appointment of a special prosecutor with more financial ties to the Daley political machine than you can shake a stick at on the order of a Cook County judge after the passage of nearly nine years was this scumbag even charged with a single charge of involuntary manslaughter. Not surprisingly, Special Prosecutor Dan Webb of the politically-connect law firm of Winston & Strawn concluded that nobody other than Koschman had broken the law.

The only reason this poor excuse for a human being is spending one day in jail is because persistent investigative reporters at the Chicago Sun-Times refused to let the story die. “The system has failed Koschman, [Circuit Judge Michael] Toomin said in April 2012 when he granted the request for a special prosecutor." "The judge ripped 'the fiction of self-defense' that he said was 'conjured up by police and prosecutors' and questioned why Vanecko wasn’t charged," the Sun-Times reported. “He’s identified as the killer — make no mistake about it,” the judge said then. “This is not a whodunit . . . When you have a dead body, someone’s going to jail. Not in this case.” It looks like Vanecko will get to serve his 60 days in a more comfortable suburban county jail in McHenry County rather than the Cook County Jail with the rest of the scumbags that he's no better than. Anyone who tries to tell you that there are not two forms of justice in this country is lying to you. The notion that we are all treated equally under the law is pure fiction.

Richard “R.J.” Vanecko arrives at the Cook County courthouse in Rolling Meadows on Friday. | Tim Boyle/For Sun-Times Media
Richard Vanecko (Tim Boyle photo for Sun-Times)


Anonymous said...

This is a classic example of "The Machine."

The sentence is far too soft. The fact there was a cover-up is just responded to by an all too familiar "Machine" saying "just don't you worry about that."

It's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

So there is more than one justice and it's not for all it's only for the chosen elite in Illinois, for David Koschman and the many families that Illinois politicians have murdered and destroyed.

Prayer changes things