Friday, January 17, 2014

New Report: Rocket Used In Syrian Sarin Gas Attack Launched By American-Backed Rebels

The McClatchy News Service has a report that weapons inspectors meeting in Washington this week concluded that a rocket launched in Syria for a Sarin gas attack originated from the territory held by the American-backed rebels seeking to overthrow the Assad government. It's another report you probably won't see on the nightly news or one of the 24-hour cable TV news stations.
A series of revelations about the rocket believed to have delivered poison sarin gas to a Damascus suburb last summer are challenging American intelligence assumptions about that attack and suggest that the case U.S. officials initially made for retaliatory military action was flawed.
A team of security and arms experts, meeting this week in Washington to discuss the matter, has concluded that the range of the rocket that delivered sarin in the largest attack that night was too short for the device to have been fired from the Syrian government positions where the Obama administration insists they originated . . .
Nonetheless, the Obama administration is sticking by the original story it fabricated as an excuse to start yet another war in the Middle East. It seems that our interest in ensuring that a pipeline gets built through Syria connecting the American-controlled Arab states to the south with Turkey trump the truth. Assad objects to construction of the pipeline so we will do whatever it takes to discredit him and drive him from power so another puppet regime can be installed.
In Washington, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said its assertion of Syrian government responsibility remains unchanged.
“The body of information used to make the assessment regarding the August 21 attack included intelligence pertaining to the regime’s preparations for this attack and its means of delivery, multiple streams of intelligence about the attack itself and its effect, our post-attack observations, and the differences between the capabilities of the regime and the opposition. That assessment made clear that the opposition had not used chemical weapons in Syria,” it said Wednesday in an email.
But the authors of a report released Wednesday said that their study of the rocket’s design, its likely payload and its possible trajectories show that it would have been impossible for the rocket to have been fired from inside areas controlled by the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad . . . 
The report also raised questions whether the Obama administration misused intelligence information in a way similar to the administration of President George W. Bush in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Then, U.S. officials insisted that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had an active program to develop weapons of mass destruction. Subsequent inspections turned up no such program or weapons.
“What, exactly, are we spending all this money on intelligence for?” Postol asked.

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It's incredible how all the so-called liberals who yelled incessantly about Bush's incursions in the Middle East sit by silently as Obama perpetuates his sins. Surely Obama's puppet strings aren't pulled by the same people who pulled Bush's strings?

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Anonymous said...

How do we know this for sure... wouldn't some on the right with the goal of ousting another Democratic President do this and spin it...Say Rove and more...
It is still about oil isn't it? That's not this President's goal. I don't buy it. Like Benghazi--spin it...
I assume that we don't know all the private interests involved in perpetuating wars...Or do we...

Gary R. Welsh said...

I don't know how much evidence it takes before you figure out, anon., that Obama was a false prophet contrived by the CIA to escalate what it started post WWII, which was essentially to transplant Nazi Germany's plans for world domination to the U.S. under a new form of national socialism with a total police-run state.

Anonymous said...

A picture is worth 9/11 words...
Agenda's exist with all...Only the people whom chose alternative media for facts will be informed...For example, Gates was asked to reduce private contractors from 850 to less than 300...When he did that he left. Don't read about that too much. Wasted wars and monies...

Anonymous said...

Memorized this in fourth grade...
Agenda's exist with all with powers and special interests...
18th Century
1. George Washington 2. John Adams
19th Century
3. Thomas Jefferson 15. James Buchanan
4. James Madison 16. Abraham Lincoln
5. James Monroe 17. Andrew Johnson
6. John Quincy Adams 18. Ulysses S. Grant
7. Andrew Jackson 19. Rutherford B. Hayes
8. Martin Van Buren 20. James Garfield
9. William Henry Harrison 21. Chester A. Arthur
10. John Tyler 22. Grover Cleveland
11. James K. Polk 23. Benjamin Harrison
12. Zachary Taylor 24. Grover Cleveland
13. Millard Fillmore 25. William McKinley
14. Franklin Pierce
20th Century
26. Theodore Roosevelt 35. John F. Kennedy
27. William Howard Taft 36. Lyndon B. Johnson
28. Woodrow Wilson 37. Richard M. Nixon
29. Warren G. Harding 38. Gerald R. Ford
30. Calvin Coolidge 39. James Carter
31. Herbert Hoover 40. Ronald Reagan
32. Franklin D. Roosevelt 41. George H. W. Bush
33. Harry S. Truman 42. William J. Clinton
34. Dwight D. Eisenhower
21st Century
43. George W. Bush 44. Barack Obama

Unigov said...

big money runs the world. obama and bush have more in common than they do differences.

obama became the only president to ever violate the chumpy War Powers Act when he invaded Libya without even a heyyyy to Congress. he was hard like steel about invading Syria. at least Bush had excuses (Saddam had gassed the Kurds, Afghanistan did host baddies) but what difference does any of it make? Al Qaeda controls more of Iraq now than ever before, per MSM.

obama=bush, in treatment of bankers, who are free to steal all they want.

obama=bush in deficit spending.

and both have creepy-looking wives.

Anonymous said...

During elections, Romney and others pushed to invade Syria...Obama took it to a vote...after election...
Read the Dept. of Justice Websites and subscribe to newsletters. Ton's of money being being fined against banks now and not during Bush. Along with many other prosecutions and investigations.