Thursday, January 09, 2014

Judge Kimberly Brown Suspended With Pay

The Indiana Supreme Court issued an order today suspending Marion Co. Superior Court Judge Kimberly Brown with pay based on findings of the special masters that she committed 80 rules violations while it determines final action in her case. Quoting from the Indiana Lawyer:
“The final disposition of the matter by this court will occur in due course,” Chief Justice Brent Dickson wrote for the court in an order issued Thursday. “In the interim, because the (Judicial Qualifications) Commission has made a recommendation of removal, (Brown) ‘shall be suspended with pay” pursuant to Admission and Discipline Rule 25V(B).

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a clearly indecisive and weak, embarrassing action, that will instill ...NO CONFIDENCE in the Judicial Branch by the People of Indiana!

The Supremes have in their hands the evidence: documented proof of more than 80 rules violations by clear and convincing evidence, after their appointed Masters heard the weeklong disciplinary case against Brown, and filed 107 detailed pages of findings of fact, conclusions of law and recommended sanctions. The special masters made 281 particular findings in Brown’s case, along with conclusions that she violated numerous rules of judicial conduct. the panel found, it also noted in its general conclusions Brown’s refusal to be sworn during videotaped depositions before the commission. Refusing to be sworn “can only be viewed as signifying a lack of respect for the judicial process, the masters concluded. Brown also refused to turn over evidence the commission sought.

The Supreme Court will, hopefully, some-day, determine what, if any, discipline Brown may receive in what is believed to be the most extensive case against a judge in the history of the Indiana Judicial Qualifications Commission!!!

...and to show the court employees what it means to do what every citizen is morally obligated to do, tell the violations to the proper authority, Brown also may have violated the law for terminating a former bailiff in her court who was among those who complained to the JQC, the panel concluded.

The Indiana Supreme Court has given a 6-figure paid vacation to the person found in violation by their appointed Masters! This is an outrage to the taxPAYERS and people of Indiana. It reflects a sisterhood so deep and elemental to our State's Judiciary that one must question the competency of any person who retains confidence in the Indiana Judiciary.

It is the role of the judiciary to be the voice of the law and of the Constitution. The fundamental freedoms protected under the Bills of Rights in the Federal and Indiana Constitutions would be meaningless if this were not so.

The Master's have rules...I guess it's time for politicians to enter their say.