Saturday, January 18, 2014

Fair Finance Trustee Squeezes $15,000 From Former Penthouse Pet

I hesitate to refer to her as a girlfriend of convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham, but she was a female acquaintance of Durham for whom he spent about $150,000 of other people's money to purchase her automobiles, clothing and diamond jewelry, including an engagement ring. Erica Lookadoo-Jiles, a/k/a Erica Taylor, a/k/a Juliet Cariaga, a 2000 Penthouse Pet, has entered an agreement with the bankruptcy trustee to repay just $15,000 due to "lack of personal assets" and "limited and sporadic income", at least of the kind reported to the IRS. It probably cost the trustee more money to travel to L.A. to depose her than he recovered from her at the end of the day. It's funny that she was supposedly engaged to Durham since during a NSFW interview with radio talk show host Howard Stern she claimed she was primarily a lesbian who didn't mind sleeping with men as well. She also said she was into voyeuristic sex, which is probably why Durham was so enamored by her. According to Wikipedia, she once cashed $39,000 worth of poker chips for Philadelphia money launderer Andrew Yao at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Yao was convicted of lying about and concealing gambling expenditures and extravagant gifts he purchased for Playboy and Penthouse models.

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