Monday, January 13, 2014

More Militarization Of Local Police Departments

LAF WLPD armored vehicle
Photo by Michael Heinz (Journal & Courier)
The consequences of the Middle Eastern wars brought on by 9/11 continue to lead to increased militarization of our civilian police forces here at home under the guise of protecting homeland security. As the wars have wound down in Iraq and Afghanistan, surplus armored vehicles used in those efforts are being dispersed among civilian law enforcement agencies across the country. The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports on the acquisition of this heavy mine resistant ambush protected ("MRAP") vehicle by the West Lafayette Police Department, one of 13,000 such acquisitions by local law enforcement agencies in all 50 states.

According to the Journal & Courier, the police department acquired the MRAP for its SWAT team. It remains the property of the U.S. government, which can reclaim it at any time according to the report. "Is it overkill?," Police Chief Jason Dombkowski rhetorically asked. “Probably, but it was the resource available to us at a very cheap price." The police agency invested about $4,000 in modifications to the vehicle, including painting it black. The 2008 vehicle has about 11,000 miles on it but was never used in combat.


Unknown said...

Indianapolis needs a few of those throw a plow on the front a sheriffs deputy in the drives seat, complete mayhem.

Anonymous said...

With the rising violent crime in Indianapolis, those should be the new patrol cars for the police!

Anonymous said...

This is what cops give you:

Anonymous said...

Maybe the W. Laffy Police Chief
takes this vehicle to Purdue football home games and parks it at the front of the stadium to deter terrorism? That's a priority when the Boilers went 1-11.

Anonymous said...

I've saw these all over the country recently but only the state of Indiana actually takes pride in calling itself a police-state.

But remember

The police state will effect everyone but you......