Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Fire Critically Injures Resident Of Health & Hospital-Owned Nursing Home

An 82-year old resident of the Bethany Village nursing home on Indianapolis' south side was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in critical condition last night after a fire broke out in her room. According to news reports, staff members were able to extinguish the fire with handheld extinguishers and rescue the resident from the room but she later went into cardiac arrest. The report does not indicate the origin of the fire. Bethany Village is listed on the Marion County Health & Hospital Corporation's website as one of 59 nursing homes it operates in Indiana with its private-sector partner, American Senior Communities. Last year, HHC and ASC were named in a wrongful death lawsuit that accused them of negligently causing the death of a resident at one of the nursing homes they operate in Fort Wayne who died from blunt force trauma she sustained during an altercation with another resident.


Anonymous said...

ASC was also fined near a half million in fines for having felons on their payroll a few years ago. Your site has been very good at following operators. Especially the MCHH deal. Curious to see if main media ever exposes all of this.

Pay to Play should not continue. Turn(er) over every stone on Mainstreet.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, threadjack, but Shilla is a jackass.

Scott Pelath just owned Ballard on incompetent snow removal, and Shilla is running interference for the Mayor's Office.

From Shilla's site:

“I think the snow removal here has been abysmal,” he said. “I think its an embarassment and I think that clearly they have, um, they’ve trimmed a lot of muscle from their budgets. I mean this snow has brought our biggest city to a standstill for a number of days. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

In quoting a State Representative in print, you never include the "um," unless you're trying to insult the speaker. You certainly spell his words correctly. "embarassment?" Really, Shilla?

Shilla sucks, and this weak snow removal makes Indy look bush league.