Friday, January 10, 2014

Video Of Plane Crash That Killed Hawaii Health Director Emerges

A video of the single-engine Cessna plane crash in Hawaii last month that claimed the life of a single passenger, Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy, raises even more questions about what caused Fuddy's death. The video was taken by Makani Kai passenger Ferdinand Puente as the plane glided into the ocean just off Malakai and furnished to KITV News. The video clearly shows that the plane's skilled pilot was able to gracefully glide the plane into the ocean very close to shore as all of the passengers remained totally calm after the plane's single engine suffered a catastrophic failure following a loud bang. All of the passengers emerged from the fully intact plane wearing life vests to await help from emergency responders. Some of the passengers held on to the plane's wing as it rested on the ocean's surface before sinking after about 25 minutes. One elderly passenger even managed to swim ashore before help arrived.

The video raises serious questions about why it took so long for emergency responders to arrive on the scene and what actually caused Fuddy's death. Rescue workers didn't arrive to find an unresponsive Fuddy until 80 minutes after the plane crashed into the ocean. The medical examiner has not ruled yet on the cause of Fuddy's death. Fuddy has been at the center of Obama's birth certificate controversy after she vouched for a long-form birth certificate claiming to prove Obama's birth in Hawaii that legitimate document experts quickly discovered was a bad forgery. One of those document experts, Doug Vogt, had filed a seal affidavit with one of the courts hearing legal challenges to Obama's eligibility to serve as president. He speculates in this interview below that someone leaked the contents of his sealed affidavit to allies of the President, which he blamed for Fuddy's untimely death. Near the end of the interview, Vogt discusses financial anomalies he uncovered in the financial disclosure statement Fuddy filed with the state of Hawaii in the year following the release of Obama's long-form birth certificate. He asserts that Fuddy received compensation from a third party source that was used to pay down the mortgage on her home. Keep in mind that a forged birth certificate does not stand alone as proof Obama wasn't born in Hawaii. It's my personal belief that the document would have been forged because information contained within his original birth certificate didn't marry up with the narrative that the American public has been fed, largely based on Obama's autobiography, "Dreams From My Father," which Bill Ayers now claims that he ghost wrote for Obama, and which has been proven to contain multiple factual errors.


Anonymous said...

A little Ron Brown action? There were survivors from that crash that never lived to see the hospital.

Apart from what killed her, what made a very stout engine go "bang"?

Has the engine been tested? I wonder if the bang was intended to be bigger?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Oh, the FAA immediately announced they would likely never be able to recover this fully intact plane as part of its crash investigation because the waters were just too rough and tore the plane to pieces.