Friday, November 16, 2012

Daniels Warns About Higher Taxes

Gov. Mitch Daniels is skeptical that the economy is getting better and warns against raising taxes in a sluggish economy. "We need a recovery from this recovery," Daniels told the Northwest Indiana Times' Dan Carden. "It's even weaker than it looks." "The Republican governor told The Times Editorial Board the latest unemployment numbers don't even count the millions of Americans who have settled for part-time jobs they don't really want or those who have given up looking for work."
"We need a stronger economy," Daniels said. Mitch needs to have a conversation with Mayor Ballard, who wants to hike income taxes on Indianapolis taxpayers, who already pay the highest income taxes in the state, by 18.5% to fund a mass transit boondoggle at the same time he's doling out tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to his pay-to-play contractor friends to build new parking garages to accommodate commuters who travel by automobile.

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