Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kardashian Offers U.S. Middle East Diplomacy

Kim Kardashian with Ambassador Matthew Tueller
Just when you thought American Middle Eastern policy couldn't possibly be more counter-productive, the American Ambassador to Kuwait Matthew Tueller proves us wrong. The Ambassador met with trampy socialite and reality show pseudo-celebrity Kim Kardashian during her visit this week to the region to help launch Millions of Milkshakes shops. Kardashian stirred controversy recently when she used her Twitter account to comment on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As she embarked on the trip, Kardashian promised her fans to study up on political issues in the Middle East. One would think Obama administration officials would avoid drawing attention to American female figures like Kardashian and Jill Kelley, whose lifestyles are an affront to most Muslims. It's unfortunate that American officials show poorer judgment when it comes to these floozies than Britain's Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who brushed off an invitation from Kardashian to join her for tea during her recent trip to London to promote her sleazy clothing line. News reports indicate that Middleton also returned complimentary clothing Kardashian sent to her.

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Unigov said...

This sounds like something from The Onion !