Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jill Kelley Claims Diplomatic Immunity Or Something Like That

The housewife of Tampa Bay who claims Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen among her close friends is using some honorary ambassador title bestowed upon her to claim some form of diplomatic immunity when she called 911 to complain that reporters were trespassing on her property in an effort to take photos or obtain a comment from her on her role in the growing sex scandal that has already ended Petraeus' job as CIA Director. I'm laying money on the fact that Jill Kelley is a spy for the David Axelrod dirty tricks operation who has been busy gathering dirt on some of our nation's top military brass who Obama fears will mount a coup against him by exposing the truth about the impostor he truly is. It's a little more than a coincidence that she hired Washington D.C. powerhouse Democratic lawyer Abbe Lowell to represent her. Lowell has represented other high-profile Democrats facing scandals, including John Edwards, Dan Rostenkowski, Jim Wright and Gary Condit. ABC News' Nightline shed more light on who Jill Kelley is. She and her husband ran some phony nonprofit out of their million-dollar home that was supposed to benefit cancer victims, but they apparently spent most of the money on themselves. Their home is in foreclosure and they've been sued about nine times. Her twin sister lawyer has had similar legal problems. Jill Kelley's looking a lot like David Axelrod's friend Sharon Bialek, the Chicago woman who trumped up sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain to derail his presidential campaign. Like Kelley, Bialek had a bunch of legal woes with bankruptcies, evictions for nonpayment of rent, etc. I'm telling you that these Chicago goons take no prisoners. They will use whatever means possible to destroy you. They get dirt on you to blackmail you or force you into submission. The American people are paying the price for turning control of our federal government over to the most corrupt political hacks the Windy City has to offer.


Indy Rob said...

One of the other stories about Jill Kelley described her daughter's birthday party as having a inflatable ball pit and a catered bar. Since her daughters are about 6 and 9 (the story mentioned the ages), the ball pit seems like something an overindulgent parent would have at a birthday party, but a catered bar seems to be well over the top. Go figure. Seems like someone has been providing the Kelley's with a lavish lifestyle.

tiptopdadddy said...

The "outing" of Herman Cain was my first thought too. However, Paula Broadwell's father made a comment the other day that sticks in my mind, 'You dont really know what this is about'. Maybe Ms Broadwell was trying to protect Petraeus from a Muslim spy? Damn, this gets weirder and weirder every day.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I've wondered if Broadwell's e-mails to Kelley had nothing to do with jealousy but were to serve as a warning to her that she knew she was a spy.