Thursday, November 01, 2012

Trump Charge: Obama Attended School As A Foreign Student

Donald Trump challenged President Barack Obama to release his college and passport records and in exchange he promised to contribute $5 million to the charity of his choice. Trump gave Obama until today to produce the records. Now that Obama has declined to take him up on his offer, Trump is charging that he won't release the records because they will reveal that he attended American schools as a foreign student. Trump said in a press release today that Obama will not release the records because they are "very bad." "Obviously, he wasn't born in this country, or if he was, he said he wasn't in order to receive financial aid and a very easy path into a college or university," Trump said. "Only a very stupid person would believe otherwise," Trump added. Trump said Obama's election as a U.S. President "will go down as the greatest con in American politics, or perhaps, the greatest con of all time."

Trump did not produce any evidence to back up his claims; however, Obama has steadfastly withheld from the American people the fact that he was adopted by his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, that his name was legally changed to "Barry Soetoro" and that he became a citizen of Indonesia, after his mother Stanley Ann Dunham married Soetoro. These facts were uncovered by conservative bloggers during the 2008 presidential election but were ignored by the mainstream media. Obama may have been born in Hawaii, but his reputed father, Barack Obama of Kenya, never lived with Obama's mother as her husband, despite their reported marriage in Hawaii before Obama, Sr., a foreign student, left Hawaii to attend Harvard. His mother began attending classes at the University of Washington in Seattle within weeks of the date Obama was reportedly born in Hawaii. She and her son did not return to Hawaii until after Obama, Sr. had left the state to study at Harvard.

Investigators who have searched for evidence of Obama's birth in Hawaii have come to the conclusion that Obama, Sr. was not identified on Obama's original birth certificate as his father, and that it was changed when he was adopted by his stepfather. The long-form birth certificate released by Obama last year is a bad forgery. Records released by the INS revealed that American immigration officials had doubts that Obama had a bona fide marriage with Dunham. Obama, Sr. listed young Obama as his son on some of his applications with the INS, while he left him off on other applications he filed. The name of his father on his original birth certificate was likely left blank. Claims that a birth announcement that ran in two local newspapers in Honolulu identifying him as the son of Obama, Sr. are based on microfiche records of the newspapers, which some speculate were altered many years later to make it appear that a birth announcement that was never published in the newspapers appeared at the time of his birth. Documentary film producer Joel Gilbert claims in his latest production, "Dreams From My Real Father," that Obama's real birth father is Frank Marshall Davis, with whom Obama bears a family resemblance unlike the short-statured Obama from Kenya. Davis was close friends of Obama's grandfather, and nude photographs of Obama's mother taken by Davis were unearthed by Gilbert during the research for his documentary. Davis was married to a white woman from Chicago at the time of Obama's birth, and had a son and daughter close to Obama's age, both of whom look remarkably like Obama. Davis wrote in his book about having sex with an underage girl who went by the name "Ann."

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"Dreams of My Real Father"

Makes the case that Obama's real daddy is Frank Marshall Davis, the guy who shot the nudes of Obama's mother.