Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carmel High School Jocks Not Alone In Practicing Kinky Gay Hazing Rituals

It looks like a north suburban Chicago High School's soccer team has something in common with the Carmel High School basketball team. According to a lawsuit filed against the Maine Township high school district today, soccer team members have a hazing ritual of stripping freshman team members naked and sodomizing them--with the approval of their coaches. From the Sun-Times:
According to attorney Antonio Romanucci, who filed the suit on behalf of a 14-year-old boy, the assault occurred as part of an initiation after the victims were promoted from the freshmen team to the varsity team.
The suit alleges that coaches ordered a “campus run,” a term which was a code indicating the hazing should commence.
At that signal, older team members grabbed Romanucci’s client, tore off his pants and underwear, held him down on the school’s soccer field and sodomized him with their fingers and other foreign objects, the suit alleges.
While this went on, the coaches “stood idly by” according to complaint.
Two other boys who are not part of the legal action got the same treatment, the suit claimed.
“That behavior in today’s society is disgusting,” Romanucci said at a press conference Monday. “It is never to be condoned, it should never have happened.”
The boy’s mother also spoke out, saying she was angry at the school. “I feel like the coaches should have kept him safe on the soccer field, and they didn’t do that.”
The victim's attorney believes there are a many more victims who have not yet come forward. The school has reassigned the coaches, but they have retained their teaching positions despite the allegations made against them.  The Des Plaines police department has charged six team members who committed the assaults as juveniles, and ten students have been disciplined by the school district. Some of the ten students involved in the assault were barred from playing for the team.

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