Friday, November 09, 2012

More On Showing Up Is Half The Battle

Voters in Detroit care as little about how corrupt their elected officials are as voters in Chicago as long as you have a letter "D" behind your name. An 8-time convicted felon with a rap sheet spanning many years won election as a state representative from a district including northeast Detroit. Democrat Brian Banks won 68% of the vote against his Republican opponent. “Yes, I’ve made many poor decisions, and yes, I have a record, but that’s exactly what it is, my past,” Banks told WWJ Newsradio in September. “I would ask [voters] to look at what I’ve accomplished professionally and academically, since my poor decisions.” His campaign slogan was “You can Bank on Banks.” Banks' past convictions include credit card fraud and writing bad checks. Banks was evicted from two homes during this year's campaign for non-payment of rent. In his most recent eviction, his landlord accused him of writing bad checks.

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artfuggins said...

Democracy is democracy. We may not always like the results but it is the voice of the people and who are we to condemn them. Banks was eligible to run for office and he did. His past problems with the law was very well known by the voters. If they were able to support him then we should accept that. We need to worry more about successful candidates who have misdeeds and skeltons in the closet that were managed to be covered up. Afterall, we never did know and will never know what lurked in the tax returns of Mitt Romney. Fortunately, they are now totally irrelevant.