Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jesse Jackon, Jr. Resigns From Congress

UPDATED: U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. has tendered his resignation as a member of Congress from Chicago just two weeks after winning re-election to another term in Congress by a landslide despite the fact that he didn't campaign for re-election because he was too busy faking a mental illness in an attempt to avoid criminal liability for the multiple felonies he's committed as a sitting member of Congress. His resignation comes without nailing down the soft plea agreement he hoped to get from federal prosecutors, who have been scrutinizing hundreds of thousands of dollars he misspent from his campaign committee on his Washington girlfriend, personal furnishings for his home and phony consulting payments to his wife, a Chicago alderman, to keep her happy. Recent news reports suggested Jackson was holding out resigning for an assurance he would qualify for disability pay that would require taxpayers to continue paying the corrupt bastard the rest of his life to sit on his ass, in addition to keeping his lucrative congressional pension intact. In his resignation letter, Jackson included this gem in reference to the third Chicago airport he has been championing to be built in Peotone almost an hour south of Chicago since he was first elected, which proves just how stupid and unfit he was to serve in Congress:
"[S]itting on the Governor’s desk 400,000,000 proposal for an airport that will cost the taxpayers nothing and only awaits the Governor’s commitment to build it."
This clown actually thinks a new airport can be built at no expense to taxpayers. The state of Illinois has already spent about $30 million on the project it doesn't have to spend acquiring 2,317 of the more than 5,800 acres it will need for the new airport. The governor requires $70 million more in funding from the state legislature to acquire the remaining land. Illinois officials believe private sources and developers will pick up the rest of the tab it will cost to build the airport. This guy has never had to work a day in his life. He's had everything handed to him based on race entitlement and his father's name. In his world, money just falls out of the sky. He doesn't have a clue what people face in the real world.

Jackson appears to have taken after his father, Rev. Jesse Jackson, who was busted for fathering a child out of wedlock wth one of his many mistresses and making hush payments to the child's mother from his nonprofit. Despite the misappropriation of hundreds of thousands of the nonprofit's dollars, his father was never prosecuted. Jackson, Jr. probably presumes he's entitled to commit multiple felonies as well without consequences since the U.S. Attorney's Office ignored evidenced turned over to it during the investigation of Operation Board Games, which resulted in the prosecution and conviction of Blagojevich and a number of his associates, that Obama also had taken cash bribes from convicted political fixer Tony Rezko and was equally as culpable as Blagojevich in the Chicago Way crime spree that has been taking place since Democrats seized total control of Illinois state government. Jackson, Jr. somehow managed to get admitted and earn a law degree from the University of Illinois Law School, the same university that booted his father out in a cheating scam after he had been awarded an affirmative action scholarship to study there.

As a result of this culture of corruption, the state of Illinois is now teetering on bankruptcy. The state has been brought to its knees by nearly $8 billion in unpaid bills and a $96 billion shortfall in funding its current obligations for public employees pensions. The public employees unions, which have a stranglehold over the Democratic-controlled legislature, have provided no options to the state's Democratic governor, Pat Quinn, to bring the state's fiscal crisis under control. You know things have really gone off the rail when the Democratic governor is forced to terminate the state's contract with the largest public employees union, AFSCME. In a statement announcing the termination of the contract, Gov. Quinn's budget director explained the decision:
After 11 months of bargaining, we informed AFSCME’s leadership Tuesday that there will be no more extensions of their contract that expired in June.
Governor Quinn has cut state spending down to 2008 levels and proposed closing empty or half-empty, very expensive state facilities that are no longer needed. After decades of mismanagement, he state is behind on $8 billion dollars of payments to vendors including social service agencies. And the state’s pension shortfall has risen to $96 billion – the worst of the 50 states.
During 11 months of bargaining, the state has extended the contract three times and made significant efforts to compromise. But the government employees union, which has not offered a single proposal to deal with retirement health care, continues to seek millions of dollars in pay hikes the taxpayers can’t afford to give them. It has refused to recognize the extraordinary financial crisis squeezing the state.
Contrast that picture with the picture of Gov. Mitch Daniels announcing a $111 tax credit for each individual filing a tax return next year because the state is running a $2.1 billion surplus. Yes, that's still possible when you put Republicans in charge of the executive and legislative branches of government. What is truly sad is that the American people were too stupid to realize they had sent to Washington the most corrupt politician in the history of the United States and the worst Illinois had to offer. Obama will destroy America if it's the last thing he accomplishes in his life. The man does not share the values upon which this country was founded, and he sees it as his goal to punish every person who has been successful in life by taking away their weatlh and giving it to people who don't want to work and expect to have everything handed to them. At the same time, Obama thinks he and his family should live like royalty. They've cost taxpayers more money from their high-flying ways and lavish partying than any other president, surpassing by several times the amount of money the British government spends on its royal family. This is what you got, America. There is no hope for your children. You have destroyed all opportunities for them. The American Dream is dead, but Barack and Michelle are living like a king and queen while the country burns as if life couldn't be better. Have a Happy Thanksgiving thinking about how little you and your family have to look foward to in life now.


CircleCityScribe said...

...can anyone advise if Andre will be following Jr's lead and submitting his resignation?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Dream on. Don't you recall how his grandmother denied her constituents with representation for almost a full year while she was dying of cancer because she wanted Andre and Sam to receive a death benefit payable to surviving family members of congresspersons who die while in office rather than step down and allow someone who could perform the job to represent us?

artfuggins said...

This Andre bashing is shameless and baseless. Give me one example why you would even connect him to this story. Is it because all Africans Americans are responsible for every other African Americans? oH, COME ONE NOW!! Certainly you are not that provincial.

CircleCityScribe said...

Art, I mean Wilson, are you serious?????

Our "Fool on Capitol Hill," Andre Carson, is a disgrace to the people of Indiana! Much like Jessie Jr is a disgrace to his wife and the people of Illinois.

Andre's ignorance is displayed at all times. He was "The Seed" of The Ghetto Mafia's Queen on the Throne: The Late Julia Carson, who allowed Indiana to go for an extended period of time without a congressional representative, so that her seed would be in place and with a handsome sum of Congressional benefits ($$$) from her dying while still retaining the title of congressman.

...and what are his ties to Racist Louis Farrakhan? Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan spoke at Julia’s funeral. Is he Andre's "spiritual counselor"???

Andre is the fool who disgraced us and made himself a laughing stock when he made the famous false accusation that the Tea Party used the "N" word at him during an anti-Obamacare demonstration...well, the cameras of the press were rolling and it just did not happen. (It's called "race-baiting.")

Video at:

Ignorant people drop the race card like a bomb when logic and fact is's a distraction technique that Jessie JR's daddy knows very well!!!! (similarity hence cited, Wilson)

Intelligent people of color agree that Carson is a fool! Read The Black Sphere:

Carson has stated he wants Islamic Sharia Law in the USA. Is that the same as saying rule by terrorism, Wilson?

Carson stated he wants to model America’s Schools After ‘Madrasa’. Does that mean he wants to indoctrinate the youth into hatred??? Channel 13 reported taking a closer look at a speech from Andre Carson's ignorance that's gone viral.

From Facebook to YouTube, some people are upset with Congressman André Carson (D-IN07) for saying American schools should be more like Islamic ones. Carson is Muslim.

Would you like more examples? I can continue ad nauseum with facts about Andre.

rohshack147 said...


I more than agree with your criticisms of the Carsons and with President Obama. But mentioning Mitch Daniels as an example of responsible governance is nonsense and you know it! Although it is great that Indiana taxpayers will get a rebate. As you have said on this blog several times. Indiana's surplus exists only on paper. And the bills are starting to come due with the states unfunded pension and road construction liabilities! Daniels is a Republican Obama! I say that because like Barack his only core belief is his belief that he knows better than us mere mortals how to run our lives!

CircleCityScribe said...

Rohshack: Mitch Daniels turned this state around and set us on the right course! After three terms of irresponsible Democrat "Tax & Spend administrations Gov. Daniels set us on a course of fiscal responsibility and solid management.

With the Indiana state government enjoying a $1 billion-plus budget surplus while most states are reporting deficits and some are asking the federal government for bailouts and other help, Indiana citizens aren’t the only ones taking note of the turnaround in the state under Gov. Mitch Daniels’ (R) leadership since he took office in 2005.

Governing magazine in November 2008 named Daniels its Public Official of the Year for achievement in government service!

Mitch Daniels has been recognized for outstanding accomplishments and repair of the Democratic disasters left by previous bad admininstrations. No other modern governor has received the amount of recognition as Mitch Daniels.

I think it's time for Roshack to come back into reality....

CircleCityScribe said...

P.S. Roshack, when you come to reality, please also note the following:

Indiana was named the most-improved state for business in the nation by TV channel CNBC in July 2008 and by Site Selection Magazine in November 2008.

The Tax Foundation, a private national tax research organization, ranked Indiana first in the Midwest and 12th nationally in its 2008 Business Tax Climate Index. Rankings for nearby states were much lower: Illinois (28th), Kentucky (36th), Michigan (29th), and Ohio (46th).

...the list of Great Things Mitch Daniels has done goes on and on.