Monday, November 12, 2012

Report: Bomb And Meth Lab Ruled Out As Cause Of Blast

The powerful weekend blast that killed two residents of the Richmond Hill subdivision on Indianapolis' south side and destroyed dozens of other neighboring homes was not caused by either a bomb or a meth lab according to sources close the investigation Fox 59 News is reporting. The blast was felt miles away. Fox 59 News says the investigation is focusing on a natural gas leak as the likely culprit. Citizens Energy, which provides natural gas to the neighborhood, claims its initial investigation found that there had been no reports of leaks prior to Saturday night's explosion, and that none of its gas mains in the area had contributed to the explosion. Natural gas leak explosions within homes are not all that unusual; however, the power of this blast was unusual if a gas main leak did not contribute to the explosion. The home where the explosion is believed to have originated is owned by Monserrate R. Shirley, who was not at home at the time of the explosion. Investigators tell Fox 59 News that he has returned to town since the explosion and has been cooperating with their investigation.

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