Friday, November 09, 2012

Romney's High Tech GOTV Failed On Election Day

Breitbart is exclusively reporting that a high tech get-out-the-vote system implemented by the Romney campaign known as Project Orca for use in the battleground states failed miserably on election day. According to the report, poll watchers were suppose to be able to record voters' names on their smart phones as the voters checked in on election day, which would give the Romney real-time data on who to direct their efforts on getting to the polls. The Romney campaign recruited 37,000 swing state volunteers to work on the effort. The problem was that the user names and passwords used by the volunteers to report didn't work on election day and the reset tool wouldn't work. The problems were experienced in states where Romney's losing margin was small, including Colorado, Florida, Ohio and Virginia. The report blames Romney's loss, in part, to the diversion of nearly 40,000 election day volunteers to a failing computer program.

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