Thursday, October 27, 2011

Star Endorses Scales Over Poulakidas

The Star's editorial board makes its first endorsements today in 8 of the 25 district council races. Included in today's endorsements is an endorsement of Republican incumbent Christine Scales over Democrat Kostas Poulakidas, who has been running a dirty campaign against Scales that included a post card to voters impersonating her. Naturally, the Star's editors and reporters are too stupid to realize that a mailing through the U.S. mail impersonating another person is a criminal offense, but I digress. At least there wasn't the fiasco there was four years ago when the Star's editors first endorsed Scales' opponent because they claimed she was a no show for her interview with the editorial board. It turned out a member of their staff lied and never scheduled an interview for Scales. When pressed on the endorsement blunder, the editorial board bactracked and withdrew its endorsement of her opponent and chose not to make any endorsement at all in District 4. Perhaps the most perplexing of today's endorsements is an endorsement of Monroe Gray, the embattled former City-County Council President whom the editorial board once called upon to resign his seat because of his grossly unethical miscues. Yeah, it pretty much discredits their judgment, doesn't it? Here's a rundown of today's endorsements:

District 1-Susan Blair (R)
District 2-Angela Mansfield (D)
District 3-Ryan Vaughn (R)
District 4-Christine Scales (R)
District 5-Ginny Cain (R)
District 6-Janice McHenry (R)
District 7-Maggie Lewis (D)
District 8-Monroe Gray (D)

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