Thursday, October 20, 2011

Curry Excuses Voter Fraud Committed By The Bayhs

Marion Co. Prosecutor Terry Curry is once again demonstrating that he is nothing but a political hack prosecutor. The partisan Democrat has cleared former U.S. Senator Evan Bayh and his wife, Susan, of vote fraud allegations despite the fact that they are claiming as a voting residence a condominium on the city's northside at which they have never lived and everyone, in fact, knows that they live in their multi-million dollar mansion in Washington where their boys are enrolled in school. From the Star:

“The mere fact that a person maintains a residence in a state other than Indiana – even if the out-of-state property is more valuable than the Indiana property – is insufficient to conclude that the person has committed fraud by voting in Indiana,” Curry wrote. “In fact, the documents attached to Mr. White’s complaint, namely the Indiana voter registration records and property tax statements, lend support to the notion that the Bayhs do not intend to abandon Marion County as their residence.”
Case dismissed. But the mere fact that Charlie White resided his entire adult life in Hamilton County, Indiana resulted in 7 felony charges being brought against him by an out-of-control partisan Democrat special prosecutor. Who cares about that? Curry also dismissed a complaint filed by Secretary of State Charlie White claiming that the Bayhs were committing fraud by claiming a homestead property tax exemption on the condominium in which everyone knows they've never resided. Curry says it's a civil matter. Of course, when it involves sweet and innocent Evan there could be no criminal intent. Adding further insult to injury, Curry suggested White violated state law by accessing "confidential voter registration information." Uh, sorry, Terry, those records are a matter of public record. The Democrats accessed those same records to go on their witch hunt against White. How dare you suggest this was a violation of law to look at the Bayhs' voter registration records.

This is just further evidence of what a complete mockery our legal system in Indiana has become. Everyone knows the prosecution of Charlie White is a deal hatched by the political insiders to destroy him no matter how far they must reach to ignore the rule of law. Just remember, there are two justice systems in this state: one set of laws for the ordinary people, and a special set of laws for the elites. If you're someone like Evan Bayh, you can do whatever you please without ever being held accountable for your actions. If you are a little guy like Charlie White, you are disposable and the law will always be used like a hammer to crush you. Don't forget that. Just go ask the executives at OmniSource if you don't believe me. That's the company that made a $300,000 pay off to Curry's office in consideration for Curry agreeing to drop the case his predecessor brought against the company alleging it had purchased millions of dollars worth of stolen metal while it employed nearly 50 off-duty IMPD police officers for protection.

One further note, Mr. Curry might want to inquire as to why Democratic-appointed staff members at the State Elections Division were using state resources (copying machines, maps and supplies ) on state time to gather documents to help the Indiana Democratic Party prepare its legal challenge against White.


Jon said...

When Indiana changed it's voter registration requirements the hue and cry from the Democrats was that there never has been any voting irregularities so why do we need this law? Where is the outrage from the Democrats about the 2008 SB Obama ballot fraud?

So the double standard in all things Democrat still exists; we don't care about voting irregularities if it's our candidate or voter fraud if it's our Senator but that Republican guy we need to hang.

Lawyer said...

Your statement regarding the election division during the Charlie White challenge is completely without merit. Did you get this false information from the Secretary of State? Figures.

Gary R. Welsh said...

How would you know it is without merit, Lawyer? Did you track every step taken by Democratic employees in the Elections Division before this issue first arose during the election?