Thursday, October 20, 2011

In Defense Of Christine Scales' Fight For Ladder Truck 21

During the City-County Council debate over the 2012 city budget for fire services, Councilor Jackie Nytes chastised the efforts of Councilor Christine Scales and others in Washington Township to restore cuts made concerning Ladder Truck 21 in Washington Township within Scales' district as a result of consolidation. Fellow blogger Pat Andrews defends Scales against Nytes' suggestion that Scales and others need to "get with the new reality of the merged fire department." Andrews points out that the reductions were contrary to promises made at the time the merger was approved. "AND it is the responsibility of a Councillor to advocate for and support the needs of their constituents," Andrews adds. "Which is exactly what District 4 Councillor, Christine Scales, did in getting the decision to decommission Ladder Truck 21 reversed." Andrews, a Democrat, continues with her praise of Scales:
Scales is a well regarded Councillor, not just in District 4, but throughout Indianapolis. She does her homework on issues, and like Nytes, does not always follow her caucus if she believes it contrary to what is best for her constituents. I have said it before and I will say it again. Christine Scales is a gem of a Councillor. Her work to restore Ladder 21 is just one more example of her indefatigable efforts on behalf of the residents of District 4. Indy could use more Councillors just like her.
Scales is in a tough fight for re-election against a lobbyist/lawyer, Kostas Poulakidas, who will carry with him all sorts of baggage and conflicts of interest that will stand in the way of him representing the constituents in District 4. He even traveled to Washington, D.C. where a bunch of Washington lobbyists raised money for his campaign to unseat Scales. How disturbing is that? Unless the voters of that district want to add yet another member to the council whose primary purpose behind public service is to engage in self-dealing activities for themselves and their paying clients, the voters of District 4 would be wise to vote to re-elect Scales regardless of their party affiliation.

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