Saturday, October 01, 2011

Rupert Goes One On One With Mike Ahern

Mike Ahern One on One: Rupert Boneham - Segment 4:

Mike Ahern One on One: Rupert Boneham - Segment 5:

Rupert Boneham went One On One with Mike Ahern this week. I've posted the two segments of the interview where Boneham discusses his potential run next year for governor as a Libertarian. Mike Pence and John Gregg would be fools to underestimate his potential appeal as a third party candidate. Many people have reached the point of giving up on the two major parties to lead our country out of the mess it finds itself in today. Pence and Gregg are both professional politicians and cannot run away from that fact. Boneham comes across in the interview as someone who is sincere and serious about his political intentions. Time will tell if he proves to be a successful candidate. If his Survival performance is any indication, he could prove to be one tough competitor in next year's gubernatorial race.


rohshack147 said...

I couldnt agree more Gary. I am glad that finally someone of you stature and intellect has said that Rupert could be a potent force in next years race for Governor. As a lifelong and loyal republican I can honsetly say. That the repulicrat party of Indiana is fooling itself if it thinks that Hoosiers will just vote for either Pence or Wallace just because they have an R after their names. Pence is a fraud for his vote for the debt deal! As for Wallace dont call him a RINO he is a full fledged donkey! If the republican party doesnt wake up soon. Then either Rupert or John Gregg will be our next governor. We hoosiers do make mistakes now and then but we will not make the mistake again of swallowing whatever candidates the party apparatchicks see fit to force on us! Goodbye Ballard, Lugar, Brainaird and all of you who run as Republicans but betray the people and the GOP!

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks so much for posting this interview here. I like both Rupert and Mike, and look forward to viewing it.