Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fox News Reports On Growing Petition-Forging Scandal

Check out today's Fox News report on the growing petition-forging scandal that is enveloping Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign effort in Indiana. Notice that State Democratic Party Chairman Dan Parker is quoted as saying he wants the "person" responsible for the petition-forging to be held accountable as if there is a single culprit. The state party has forced its St. Joseph Co. Chairman and 2nd District Chair Butch Morgan to resign, even though he claims he had nothing to do with the petition-forging scandal. A forensic document expert for the South Bend Tribune has identified the signature of a long-time Democratic volunteer, Dustin Blythe, as one of the signatures that appears on several pages of the forged Obama petitions. He now works for the St. Joseph Co. voter registration board. The expert claims, however, that there appears to be the signatures of others who may have participated in the forging of the petitions as well. A source told the South Bend Tribune that at least 7 persons were involved in the petition-forging scheme.

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