Monday, October 03, 2011

Anti-Wall Street Protests Coming To Indianapolis

Occupy Wall Street protests were first launched in New York City's business district, but the protests have spread to other major cities across the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles and Boston. A website entitled, "Occupy Indianapolis," appeared on the Internet over the weekend announcing plans to bring similar protests to the Circle City. What is billed as a "General Assembly of the People" has been scheduled for Veterans Memorial Plaza in downtown this Saturday, October 8. The website announces plans for a human people mover in the downtown business traffic intended to disrupt normal foot traffic.

We are deploying a new tactic for the Occupation of Indianapolis. Its novel, its LEGAL and its very disruptive all at once if we do it right. The Human People Mover is a concept in which a line of volunteers will target a building or group of buildings in which the 1% operate their businesses which have caused the current damage to our society.
A single file line of as many people as possible will begin walking around the targeted building or buildings on the public sidewalks in as close proximity as possible to each other to form a moving barricade of constantly walking people. As long as we remain moving on the sidewalks we cannot be arrested. Remain standing in a group of 5 or more and they can take us to jail, but if we are each in motion and still together in a single file line it will disrupt regular foot traffic in the target area, making it difficult for the 1% and their minions to conduct their business.
It's not clear how a protest scheduled for a Saturday is really going to interfere with downtown business traffic since most of the government and financial institutions targeted by the protesters will not be open for business on the weekend. One post on the website says its purpose is to "restore humanity to our once-proud nation." "STOP letting some faceless group of manipulative billionaires tell YOU what to think . . . Open your eyes, heart and mind, and see your own humanity, and the humanity in the people around you," the post reads.
Some have suggested this movement is a counter to the Tea Party movement that has swept the country, but the website insists it neither represents people on the left or the right. A Wall Street Journal report's description of the protesters gathering in other cities characterizes them as mostly young people expressing grievances about joblessness and corporate bailouts. Some of the protesters are described as veterans of anti-war protests from the past. Protesters in other cities have been described as being "diverse in race, gender, age and dress." Other anti-government websites have expressed concern that the protesters seek to impose a totalitarian government and the re-election of Obama, leading to criticism that they are being drawn into the trap of supporting the very solutions backed by the financial elites they claim to oppose.


M Theory said...

They need to circle the Chase Bank building and protest there during work days.

The problem with this movement is that their goals are not clearly defined.

They need to DEMAND arrests of the criminals inside our banking and investment communities. They need to single out who the criminals are, publish their crimes, and stay there until something is done.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Thanks for this notice, Gary. I plan to attend, with an "End the Fed" sign, and second HFFT's motion.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Did anyone catch the Decoded program on the History Channel last night? It looks like there really isn't any gold at Ft. Knox. I loved the comment of former Sen. Huddleston of Kentucky when he was asked what he would do if the government confirmed that fact publicly. His response: "Run for the border." Apparently, President Reagan is the last president who insisted on visiting the site to confirm the actual presence of gold at Ft. Knox.

M Theory said...

I am not going to the protest after emailing with organizer Joh Padgett who is doing nothing about the fact that SEIU is hijacking this.

The unions are violent in both action and rhetoric. SEIU thugs beat up a liberty patriot during the health care debates, the unions have destroyed state property, and recently the longshoremen union held 50 people hostage under gun point.

The unions should be condemned and kept out of the official movement. Instead, it appears they are being allowed to take over. Or perhaps Bill Ayers, the unions, and the left sowed the seeds for this long ago anyway.

The movement is NOT about 99% against 1%.

It appears more like it is the have nots against the haves.

People are calling it the "Flea Party" and I'm starting to agree. They are truly clueless and allowing themselves to be manipulated by machinery they don't understand.

Alex Jones and has the best analysis of the problem. Alex took over with an occupy movement at the Dallas Federal reserve and has the message right.