Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Council Endorsements By The Star

The Star's editorial board completed its endorsements in the City-County Council races today. The only incumbent councilor not getting the Star's endorsement today was Dane Mahern in District 19. They included the following:

District 17-Mary Moriarty Adams (D)
District 18-Vernon Brown (D)
District 19-Jeff Miller (R)
District 20-Susie Day (R)
District 21-Ben Hunter (R)
District 22-Doug White (D)
District 23-Jeff Cardwell (R)
District 24-Jack Sandlin (R)
District 25-Aaron Freeman (R).

If you're keeping a running tab, the Star has endorsed a Republican-controlled council by a margin of 17 to 12. Despite concerns the Star's editorial board has raised in the past about government employees serving on the council, those concerns seemed to disappear when it decided on which candidates to endorse given the number of government employees who earned the editors' backing. Consistency has not been a trait when it comes to the Star's editorial board.

The Star's coverage of the council races has been pretty pathetic. The paper still has no story on the illegal post card the Democrats and Kostas Poulakidas sent to 4th District voters relating false information about incumbent Christine Scales. A letter to the editor, such as the one published today from Denny S. Krauser, might be the best you can hope for. It reads:

Election postcard distorted facts I consider myself a liberal Democrat, and strongly adhere to my political beliefs. As such I tend to vote for Democrats in most elections. However, I will shun those who intentionally distort facts (and actually lie) during the democratic process to mislead people into supporting their personal (or party) agendas.
That just happened. I recently received in my mailbox a postcard, ostensibly sent from Florida, distorting a fact (and actually lying) about the incumbent Indianapolis City-County Council representative in District 4. The person who sent this postcard, and the person who allowed it to be sent in his name, represents all that is wrong with our political process these days, and is not worthy of our votes.
Therefore, in this next election, I will be vote for incumbent Christine Scales, a Republican whom I have encountered at several community meetings in my neighborhood, at public hearings about issues affecting my neighborhood, and all the while accurately representing the stated interests of her constituents.

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DennyK said...

I got a 2nd "postcard" with the words "Beautiful Naples, Florida" from the Indiana Democratic State Central Committee yesterday, with "Handwritten" font, and signed "Christine." This one had revised wording regarding the "Front photos" that did not include the reference to $Million homes. I guess that's what lawyers are for!