Saturday, May 10, 2008

Zoeller Enters GOP Race For Attorney General

Attorney General Steve Carter's chief deputy, Greg Zoeller, is officially throwing his hat into the ring to take Carter's place by filing a declaration of candidacy with the Indiana Republican State Committee. He had announced last month his intention to seek the nomination. Valparaiso Mayor Jon Costas is the only other declared candidate in the race. The Attorney General nominee will be chosen by delegates to the state convention on June 2. As a delegate myself, I received a post card from Zoeller this past week seeking my support. I haven't received anything from Costas' campaign yet. For more information on Costas' candidacy, you can listen to an interview here he gave to Hoosier Access Radio.

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Unknown said...

The AG's office has to be the worst run office of any state office I've dealt with. I have scores of friends who have worked as attorneys over there and I only know one person who has anything good to say about the job Steve Carter has done. In the areas I've dealt with the AG, the office is completely and utterly ineffective.

Zoeller may be a good conservative, a good guy, but the fact is we desperately need a change in the AG's office. Appointing a Steve Carter lieutenant is not the way to go.