Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Political Potpourri

There were some interesting election results in some party races last night in Marion County I thought I would share with you. Marion Co. GOP Chairman Tom John lost his race for re-election as a precinct committeeperson. (See update below) City-County Councilor Ryan Vaughn lost in the race for state convention delegate. There were 8 people elected in his district. Vaughn finished 9th. Rex Early finished first among the 8 winners. Darla Williams lost her race for precinct committeeperson. Also, I won my race for precinct committeeperson in my Lockerbie precinct. Sorry to disappoint you, Abdul. Many thanks to my neighbors for their support. Here are the actual results:

Kimberly Brant 16 (64%)
Tom John 9 (36%)

Laura Spearman 8 (73%)
Darla Williams 3 (27%)

Gary Welsh 51 (81%)
Andrea Impiccichi 12 (19%)

On the Democratic side, Kimberly Brown bucked the slate and won her superior court judicial race, knocking out one of the slated candidates, Garland Graves. The party-slated candidates for coroner and land surveyor won.

UPDATE: Tom John has just explained to me that the Clerk's office placed him on the ballot in the wrong GOP committeepersons' race. John actually lives south of 21st Street just outside the precinct in which Brant lives. John will now have to appoint himself committeeperson in the precinct in which he actually resides thanks to the Clerk's office.


indyernie said...

Garland Graves was asked to leave three precincts yesterday at Stony Brook JH. Graves and Vernon Brown both were in the chute. Garland with a campaign badge on and both without credentials. Garland and Brown both refused to leave until threatened with a call to the election board and not until both were called out for electioneering in the chute thus breaking election laws. Graves did this while campaigning for a superior judge seat. About forty voters were within hearing distance during the exchange of words.
The democrats want to make up the rules as they go along. This has to stop.

Nick said...

Garland Graves is a jerk and always thought he was smarter than most everyone else when it came to politics.

Under Peterson, he was the Mayor's liaison to the Council. I reckon the party was hoping to get him a cushy job. If remember correctly, he told me he managed Sherron's and Vernon's campaigns back in '03.

SW Lane said...

Congrats Gary on your victory. Hopefully Tom John's defeat is a sign of an encouraging and steadysign of a future defeat as GOP County Chair. God knows we could use a person in that spot who actually has the interest of the party at heart, as opposed to the RINO he is.

Gary R. Welsh said...

sw lane, Please see the update to the post with John's explanation of how the Clerk's office placed him in the wrong precinct.

M Theory said...

Congrats Gary!

AlexanderBasil said...

As an immigration lawyer, Mr. Welsh, do you know much about Hispanic contributions to the state? I am conducting research on the topic, and read your blog a bit. Would be interested to further contact you if you are knowledgeable about the Hispanic connection with the state.


Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks, Melyssa.

Alexander, You might want to contact ISLHA. Here's a link to their website:

SW Lane said...

Although I am not suprised that Beth White screwed that particular pooch, I stand by my earlier contention that Tom John is a RINO and that the Marion Co GOP needs to toss him in 2009.

IndyPaul said...

I hear Matt Kelty is available.