Friday, May 02, 2008

Star Prefers Clinton's "Experience" Over Obama's "Inexperience"

The Star's editors gave their nod to Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Indiana Democratic presidenital primary. It comes down to experience. On Obama, the editorial says:

As impressive as Obama appears, he is still in his first term in the U.S. Senate, and only four years ago was serving as an Illinois state senator. His inexperience in high office is a liability.

On Clinton, the editorial says:

Clinton, in contrast, is well prepared for the rigors of the White House. She is tough, experienced and realistic about what can and cannot be accomplished on the world stage . . .

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is the better choice, based on her experience and grasp of major issues, to confront those challenges. She earns The Star's endorsement in Tuesday's primary.

The editorial is not all good for Clinton. It knocks her for pandering to voters and being "an integral part of her husband's political machine." This editorial probably won't influence very many voters, but it takes on a little more meaning since both of the candidates actually sat down for interviews with the editorial board this week.


Wilson46201 said...
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artfuggins said...

The Star wants Hillary to get the nomination so that McCain can have an easy victory in November.

artfuggins said...

Has anyone seen the You Tube clip where the Clinton war room is accused of calling Hoosiers a "bunch of lowlife N-gg-rs......I guess we know where we stand with the Clinton campaign.